Brand New Bangarang
Mungo's Hi Fi feat. Kenny Knots
Scotch Bonnet
June 16, 2013

Brand New Bangarang (feat. Kenny Knots) - Mungo's Hi Fi Track list
  1. Brand New Bangarang
  2. Word Sound & Power feat. Mikey Murka
  3. One Life To Live
  4. She Got Love For Me
  5. Sweet Meditation
  6. Rock Inna Dancehall
  7. Gimme Gimme
  8. So Me Say
  9. Don't Let Them (CD Bonus Track)
  10. Rasta Meditation (CD Bonus Track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Sound Systems are an integral element of Reggae Musik. The original Sound Systems in Jamaica that sweetened the massive decades ago have now blossomed to the four corners of Creation in abundance. Over the last 13 years, Scotland's own Mungo's Hi Fi's brilliant blend of Reggae, Dancehall, Dub and up to the minute production styles have captivated, uplifted and captured the vibes with no boundaries and no apology. Their latest offering, "Brand New Bangarang", is a musical explosion from start to finish.

Mungo's Hi Fi is the brainchild of Tom Tattersall and Doug Paine in 2000. These Glasgow based bredrin previously had soundman experience as "The Dub Dentists". Their crafty arrangements and production methods resulted in the classic Brother Culture set (Dubhead, 2002). As a result, they became heavily in demand at shows and festivals across Europe; including sets at WOMAD, Glastonbury and Outlook Festivals. Their forward thinking attracted new crewmates and the attention of prolific artists like the late Sugar Minott, Earl 16, Ranking Joe, Daddy Freddy, Sister Carol and Omar Perry. Some of these collaborations can be found on the killer "Sound System Champions" (Scotch Bonnet, 2009). Kenny Knots is a seasoned UK singer/DJ who has long links with Mungo's. He cut teeth with Roots controllers Bush Chemists, Basque Dub Foundation and numerous producers. His performance at The Uppsala Reggae Festival and appearance with Earl 16 w/Soul Remedy Sound System at the 2007 Reggae Geel Festival made him a force to be reckoned with.

This exciting set bursts open with the title track. A Dancehall tight futuristic riddim that retains its Roots, is a fine platform for Mr. Knots to flash his musical whip. He can chant and sing with equal poise; definite champion sound here. Word Sound & Power is a clever work fe real. A melodica and bass driven riddim is the place where guest Mikey Murka pays tribute to the late Junior Delgado in GREAT fashion. The arrangement and mix is impeccable and all their own. Develop a sound; keep that sound! One Life To Life displays a tried and trued riddim that has worked time and time again. A totally conscious story of passing knowledge of elder to youth. Every lyric bursts with life and is an instant rewind! She Got Love For Me is the full package. Nothing commercial about it, but radio airplay of this track would open up a lot of eyes and ears. Talking about a killer riddim that is polished clean and a lyrical hook that won't let go. Nuff raspect.

Sweet Meditation harks back to earlier Dancehall days. Subsonic overtones emulate over Kenny's witty and relentless chatter that gets sweeter by the second. Lord have mercy! Rock Inna Dancehall will blow any negativity right out of the water. Utilizing a "Sound System Champion" riddim, Kenny rocks the mic with authority and versatility. Gimme Gimme is a an abstract slice that Kenny ramps up into something of a lyrical frenzy of thoughtfulness and tenacity. So Me Say has a Jahtari feel to it with nuff technology, but it works. There's a whiff of fattened bass a la Mad Professor style. On the CD release, you'll be treated to two killer bonus tracks. Don't Let Them is from the "Sound System Champions" set and shows Kenny riding more of an organic riddim that calls the massive to be conscious and strong. So nice to hear it twice. Rasta Meditation is an earlier Knots effort that shows him staying grounded and sticking to Foundation formula. Killer lick!

"Brand New Bangarang" will leave you exhausted (in a positive way). An absolute assault on the senses that is both intriguing and bubbling. Once you play this selection, you won't turn it off half way up or down! Mungo's Hi Fi does embrace the traditional Jamaican Sound System in a unique way. Progressive riddims abound but somehow the Roots are kept alive. This crew is very good at their craft and have the attention of the world. Don't miss out; you'll be disappointed if you don't check a copy. Go to your record shop and you'll do the shoulder move. Go deh!!!!