Reggae Euphoria
Mr. Vegas
MV Music
Digital Release
September 8, 2014

Track list
  1. Mr Shotta
  2. God Good
  3. Love Yourself
  4. Plastic Dolly
  5. The Climb
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Thank You Girl
  8. My Jam
  9. I've Got A Date feat. Sherita
  10. Who Rule feat. Latty J
  11. Right Now
  12. Once Upon A Time Jovi Rockwell
  13. If I Say
  14. Luv Song feat. Krystal La'Reign
  15. Real Don
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
International dancehall/reggae star Clifford Smith, better known as Mr. Vegas, found fame in 1998 with hits such as "Yu Sure", "Jack It Up" and "Latest News". For his first major hit, he versioned the then wildly popular "Playground" riddim to create "Nike Air", which became a huge hit in Jamaica. His next single, "Heads High", with an anti-oral sex lyric, followed its success in Jamaica with a world wide chart run. Also in 1998 Greensleeves released his 20-track debut album, "Heads High", which was packed with hit tunes. Mr. Vegas kept on scoring hits and continued to release albums such as "Damn Right" (2001), "Pull Up" (2004) and "Hot It Up" (2007). After a short retirement from the music industry he returned with new singles and the much acclaimed dbl album "Sweet Jamaica" (2012), which was released on his newly formed label imprint, MV Music.

And now, about two-and-a half years after the release of "Sweet Jamaica", Mr. Vegas comes up with his highly anticipated sixth sudio album entitled "Reggae Euphoria". The singjay's newest collection of works fully lives up to expectations set by his previous album. While "Sweet Jamaica" featured electrifying up-to-the-time dancehall music on one disc and real roots reggae and lovers rock on the other disc, "Reggae Euphoria" brings the listener a mix of genres including reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B, comedy, and even gospel. There are not that many Jamaican artists who are able to do this in a fully satisfying way, but Mr. Vegas does it, not least due to his range in vocal ability. And thus there's something for every music lover on this set, which on most tracks sees Mr. Vegas sharing production credits with Cleve Brown (of Steely & Clevie fame) and Danny Browne, the guitarist/producer who scored many hits throughout the 1990s with Main Street Crew members like Goofy, Red Rat, Buccaneer and General Degree.

Things get started in a great way with "Mr Shotta", a song with a semi kette drum feel and an acoustic guitar, in which Mr. Vegas speaks to a gunman who has come to do damage. After praying for the "shotta", the gunman then shouts 'Hallelujah' and aborts his mission. Underpinned by a relick of "Never Let Go" aka "Answer" riddim, one of Studio One's most versioned riddims (over 1700 since 1967), "Good God" - with spiritual lyrics and a catchy church chorus - has a completely different vibe. This track, a worthy successor to his hit tune "I Am Blessed" from 2009, is one of this album's standouts. The powerful "Love Yourself" - sung over a remake of the "Hypocrites" riddim by Troy McLean's First Name Music now called "Selection" riddim - sees Mr. Vegas addressing issues associated with true love, not love of money or vanity. The Frenchie produced killer "Plastic Dolly" across the "Number One Station" riddim is a follow up message to "Love Yourself". With "Plastic Dolly", which refers to women that change everything about themselves with the aid of cosmetic procedures, Mr. Vegas brings the listener cool Rocksteady vibes. Next comes "The Climb", a well done rendition of Miley Cyrus' classic hit which is dedicated to Mr. Vegas' daughter Reina. One certainly doesn't expect Mr. Vegas to come up with a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", but with kette drums, guitars, and heavy permissions, his version puts the listener in an uplifted mood. Mr. Vegas has found love again and is letting the world know it. In the nice lovers piece "Thank You Girl" he speaks about being heart broken and then finding love again. We've come halfway the album and have been enjoying listening to the various tracks to the fullest.

The official single "My Jam" with its 1960s Ska infused sound is an infectious tune that makes you move your dancing feet. The sound of the 1960s is maintained with a remake of the Alton Ellis classic rocksteady hit "Girl I've Got A Date", done in collaboration with Sherita. The sound and vibe of the comical piece "Who Rule" differs strongly from the two aforementioned tracks. This collaboration with female artist Latty J is already climbing the charts in Jamaica and abroad and is destined to be a big hit. Chanting rhymes and begging for Buju Banton to be released from prison, "Right Now" is a powerful effort. After Alton Ellis, it's another reggae icon, Delroy Wilson, who is honoured by Mr. Vegas with a rendition of the beautiful lovers tune "Once Upon A Time". Mr. Vegas and Jovi Rockwell harmonize effortlessly making this track their own. With "If I Say", a mixture of R&B and Reggae, and the decent "Luv Song", which features US rapper Krystal La'Reign, the listener is again treated to affairs of the heart. The album is rounded off with the awesome "Real Don", 'old skool' dancehall vibes fi real. Recorded on Jah Snowcone's "Nuh Fraid" riddim, which is based on the classic "Sleng Teng", this track kicks off with an intro by Joe Lickshot and Mr. Vegas giving a 'Big Up' salute to the real Dons. Big tune!!

Mr. Vegas' "Reggae Euphoria" is a well varied album that will entertain you from beginning to end.