My Forever
Chantelle Ernandez
Necessary Mayhem Classics
Digital EP
December 30, 2010

Track list
  1. Good Man
  2. My Forever
  3. Poison
  4. Hotta Fyah
  5. Sort Me Out feat. Shabba Ranks & Deborah Glasgow
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
One of Jamaica's great dancehall and reggae producers Augustus "Gussie" Clarke, is Curtis Lynch Jnr's favourite producer and that's fully shown on the London based producer's first production work for the year 2011, Chantelle Ernandez's "My Forever" EP. The wonderful lovers tune and title track "My Forever" utilizes a relicked version of Delroy Wilson's "Worth Your Weight In Gold", which appeared in the UK in 1984 on a Burning Sounds 12" single and, indeed, was produced by Gussie Clarke. But that's not all as the closer of the EP is a very well done rendition of Shabba Ranks and the late Deborah Glasgow's 1989 combination song "Mr. Loverman" for Gussie Clarke.

Born Chantelle Vanessa Ernandez in Kingston, Jamaica, this songbird grew up mastering the full range of the performing arts: singing, dancing and acting, both in school and on church choirs. At the tender age of 16, she recorded her first solo "Something Inside My Heart" for Michael Fletcher (independent producer and band leader for Shaggy), and since then she has recorded harmonies, toured and performed with the likes of Gregory Isaacs, Mikey Dread, Prezident Brown, Max Romeo, Norris Man, Jah Mason, Mr. Vegas, Fantan Mojah, Perfect, Lutan Fyah, Anthony Cruz, Chuck Fender, Natty King, Lymie Murray, Chrisinti, Lenn Hammond and Courtney John, just to name a few. After much growth and maturity in the business, she started again concentrating on her solo material. Five of her songs have been on the Jamaican airwaves: "Baila", title track for the 'Baila' riddim, the Sly & Robbie produced combination with Bunny Rugs called "Tell Me Why", "Spend More Time" with veteran deejay Daddy Lizard, "Break Up To Make Up" with Anthony Q and "Dreaming" with veteran singer Tristan Palmer. Chantelle Ernandez's single "Why Can't We" ripped up airwaves in London, Gambia and Ghana as dis "All I Need" and "With Open Arms".

And now there's the "My Forever" EP, which from beginning to end has a very polished sound, strongly reminiscent of the popular classy digital hit sounds from Gussie Clarke in the late '80s/early '90s. All tracks, laid by Curtis Lynch Jnr and mixed & engineered by Da Grynch, are stamped with class all over and are well worth hearing. Chantelle Ernandez instantly makes a serious impression as a vocalist with the powerful sung self-penned "Good Man", which is simply a great tune. As already pointed out, "My Forever" is a wonderful tune that deals with matters of the heart. It's followed by the matching and equally entertaining "Poison". The solid "Hotta Fyah" carries a completely different vibe with its rock-infused backdrop and the dubwise second part (known from 12inch versions of Gussie Clarke productions like e.g. Gregory Isaacs' "Rumours"). Finally Chantelle Ernandez fully showcases her exceptional vocal abilities on the awesome "Sort Me Out".

Without any doubt Chantelle Ernandez is a great talent, whose assocation with Curtis Lynch Jnr seems just what she needed to propel her career forward. Truly a name to watch for in the near future!!