The Measure
Digital Release
November 5, 2012

Track list
  1. The Measure
  2. Defender
  3. Silent Sufferer
  4. Lion
  5. Grey Witch
  6. Webs & Rats (Part II)
  7. Faithful Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
It's not that often that you're instantly overwhelmed by the vibe and sound of an album as is the case with Need2Reason's 7 track debut set entitled "The Measure". Need2Reason, consisting of Mathieu Beauschart (keys, guitar, bass, vocals & percussion), Dale Price (drums), Brian 'Gravy' Asher (lead guitar), Sarah Nutting (background vocals), Darby McConnell & Tafari (bingis), recorded the tracks of this album in the mountains of northern California, and beyond, and engaged the well experienced Jim Fox to mix and master the album at his Lion & Fox in Washington D.C.

The vibe and sound of the tracks featured here can be best described as a modern version of 'old skool dub reggae' with hard hitting drums and thick bass lines leading the way. On the four vocal tracks lead singer Mathieu Beauschart makes a good impression and also lyrically these songs, thematically dealing with the spiritual battles we all face, are first-rate. "The Measure" kicks off with its title track, a solid effort with a real nice groove, dubby effects, and a rocking guitar part. The intro of "Defender" makes you think you're going to listen to an Augustus Pablo tune, but when Mathieu Beauschart's tenor drops in you forget this comparison and you start to concentrate on the lyrics, which keep you involved all the way. The mesmerezing "Silent Sufferer" with its wonderful acoustic guitar parts is a tune of sheer beauty. It's our favourite track and thus it's obvious that it's a joy to play this one over and over again. The eerie "Grey Witch" is another convincing effort that creeps into your mind. It hypnotizes and sounds like a surrealistic painting that comes to life. "Webs & Rats (Part II)" and "Faithful Version" are the instrumental versions of "Grey Witch" and "Defender" respectively, while "Lion" is a decent instrumental piece.

A very promising debut from Need2Reason that deserves the attention of any reggae fan. Also check their "Dub The Witch EP", which features five versions of the "Grey Witch" tune.