Natty Rebel
U Roy
October, 1976

Track list
  1. Babylon Burning
  2. Natty Rebel
  3. So Jah Jah Say
  4. Natty Kung Fu
  5. If You Should Leave Me
  6. Do You Remember
  7. Travelling Man
  8. Have Mercy
  9. Badie Boo
  10. Go There Natty
  11. Fire In A Trenchtown
An album of music to make you jump and shout according to the vibes. Now `n` then a man must jump and shout, let it out, as the music hits you. Let it hit you, pull harder, suck it in, puff it out. Now here comes U Roy, rockin` and swing-in. Lift up your foot and rock you` body line, shake you` shoulders and flash you` locks. Now go deh natty dread! Natty get steppin`. Tune on this LP name` "Fire In A Trench Town".

It `ave a iry rydim wha` mek noise in a me head every time de chalice lick. Now turn de LP over on de odder side. Now bless the pipe. Babylon Burnin` but Proud Mary she keep on earnin`. Don`t spread no propaganda just take a glance over yonder... don`t you see dat Babylon burnin`! Big wheel keep on turnin`, so natty dread locks mek you keep on earnin`, but you no see seh Babylon burnin`... I`ve reached a turnin` point Lord Lord Lord in my life. Hard!