Album review
New Dubby Conquerors
Downbeat/WEA Records
27 - 06 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Dancehall Caballeros
  2. Riddim No 1
  3. Papa Noah
  4. Walk Upright
  5. Dickes B feat. Black Kappa
  6. Psychedelic Kingdom
  7. Sensimilla feat. Denyo
  8. We Seeed
  9. Tide Is High
  10. Top Of The City
  11. Fire The Hidden
  12. New Dubby Conquerors
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

Seeed is a German band, founded in the late nineties, with the intention to create a sound of New Orleans-Marching-Style and DUB and Hip Hop. The band consists of eleven (!) members who over the last year have come to the attention of reggae enthusiasts worldwide, with their riddim, voiced not only by themself but also a host of Jamaican top artists, "Doctor's Darling" - actually a revitalized version of Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" - and they have already had Tanya Stephens riding their latest "Pharaoh" riddim for her tune "Lock Down". From the scratched and sampled opening bars from their debutalbum (their follow-up "Music Monks" has been reviewed on these pages recently) introducing the 'brothers from the big bad city Berlin' it is clear that Seeed is on course. "Dancehall Caballeros" (note 1) gives with its mix of German and English lyrics over a booming beat a good idea of what to expect from this band: Wir sind SEEED! Und das is' unser Gebiet, singende Caballeros auf´m bombigen Beat. Einfach SEEED - boooom! Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht, dann hörst du irgendwie von irgendwo so heiße Musik... It's the whole sound of their 3 great vocalists Enuff, Ear and Eased over tight riddims, interspersed with the scratches and samples of DJ Illvibe, and with real horns on top that just draws you in. Next tune is the even more scratch and sample featuring track "Riddim No 1", a very danceable tune, that nowadays is almost always performed live not over this original riddim but over "Diwali". Then it is the uptempo reggae of "Papa Noah" where they show their vocal abilities by singing instead of DJ-ing. In both "Papa Noah" and the next track "Walk Upright" there is a very great resemblance between the vocals of Seeed and the vocals of Steel Pulse in their heyday with "Walk Upright" also musically in those footsteps. "Dickes B" featuring Black Kappa over the Frogass riddim is a killer dancehall tune about their city Berlin: Dickes B, home an der Spree, im Sommer tust du gut und im Winter tut's weh. Mama Berlin - Backsteine und Benzin - wir lieben deinen Duft, wenn wir um die Häuser ziehn. "Dickes B" has a wicked outerlude (note 1), before Seeed segue into "Psychedelic Kingdom", another more traditional reggae tune. Once again a great horn riff, over a dubbed up riddim, with again very melodic DJ-ing and singing both in German and English. "Sensimilla" has Seeed and Denyo begging a lady to be her Spliff Therapist rapping very slowly over a slow paced bass driven riddim with great 'sensimilla' sung harmony. "We Seeed" is their take on one of my alltime favorite reggaeriddims, Junior Murvin's classic Lee Perry produced "Police & Thieves" including the famous 'o yeah', in the background, before they use the many times miserably covered John Holt song "Tide Is High", but their take ranks amongst the ones really doing justice to John Holt's classic, with Seeed DJ-ing on top of the song. Next original "Top Of The City" is built around the riddim of Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining", but once again the track is 100% Seeed, showing they can both DJ and sing, and how great their hornsection is. "Fire The Hidden" is a fine track, much in the same vein as "Walk Upright". A very fine selection closes this album, the title track, over a slow hip hop reggae track, and when that song "New Dubby Conquerors" is finished after about a minute of silence it is followed by the "Ms. Audrey" over a Real Rock based riddim. All tracks taken into account this is probably one of the best debut albums you'd ever find over the last few years. That it wasn't an incident has by now been proven by their even better "Music Monks" album, and their now world famous "Doctor's Darling" riddim and it's follow up "Pharaoh". (note 1) The songs "Dancehall Caballeros", "Dickes B" and the title track of their new album "Music Monks" can be partially heard at their website www.musicmonks.de Take care,