For The Next Generation
Echo Productions
December 5, 2010

For The Next Generation - Maxxo Track list
  1. Next Generation
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Father For Son feat. Akhenaton
  4. No Secret
  5. Moving Picture
  6. Perfect Style feat. Macka B
  7. Give A Chance
  8. Sweat Dream Of I
  9. Winner Round feat. Max Romeo
  10. Me Rise feat. Patko
  11. Love Is In The Air
  12. U Gonna Dance feat. Yaniss Odua
  13. Hurry Up Yourself
  14. Living 4 Today
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The past decade proved to be a very fertile ground for homegrown talent in France. In 2007, at age 24, Maxxo appeared in the highly competitive French reggae scene with his entirely self-produced debut album, which drew notable attention thanks to the quality of its production and the originality of its tracks. He then signed with the successful French label Echo Productions, which gave him the ability to nurture his talent further. Besides that he also started to work on his sophomore album, "For The Next Generation", which saw the light of day early November 2010. Normally most French Reggae artists don't get any attention outside their own region as they express themselves in their native tongue, but Maxxo's preference to sing in English (although his pronunciation could be somewhat better) makes that he can reach a far wider audience.

This brand new collection of tunes has a few collaborative efforts with renown Reggae artists like the legendary drum& bass duo Sly & Robbie and other Taxi Gang member Franklin "Bubbler" Waul, well respected veteran Max Romeo, and UK singjay Macka B along with French artists Akhenaton and Patko, and the famous Caribbean singer Yaniss Odua. Most likely this has been done to ensure the necessary (international) attention, but to be honest except for the musical contributions from the Taxi Gang and rapper Akhenaton these guest artists don't add that much to Maxxo's music. In his solo efforts Maxxo showcases that he's fully capable of doing it on his own. In particular Macka B, who is commonly known for his sharp lyrics, comes up with senseless lyrics like "Sweet reggae music, mi say the people them cannot refuse it... tell them about the perfect style, it's Reggae music all the while..." No listener can be kept involved till the very end with such lyrics.

Luckily there are enough tracks included on Maxxo's well varied "For The Next Generation" album, that most listeners will enjoy to the max. The first one is "Mother Nature", which is underpinned by the "iLove" riddim known from Ziggi's hit song "Need To Tell You This". It's followed by the beautiful combination with Akhenaton of IAM entitled "Father And Son", partly done in French. "Moving Picture" is the next tune that caresses the eardrums, while the dancehall tune "Sweat Dream Of I" with its nice picking guitar is so infectious that you instantly want to put on your dancing shoes. "Love Is In The Air", with an appealing riddim that could have been produced by Kemar McGregor (but isn't), is a very nice laid back love song worth hearing.

Even though we'd skip tracks like "Next Generation", "No Secret" and "U Gonna Dance", the combination with Yaniss Odua, Maxxo's second album makes a decent impression.