Album review
Next Millenium
Bounty Killer
Blunt / Edel

Tracking list

  1. Next Millennium (Featuring Noreaga)
  2. Eagle And Di Hawk
  3. It’s A Party (Featuring Cocoa Brovaz, Nona Hendryx & Free)
  4. Big Life (Featuring Richie Stephens)
  5. Heartbeat (Featuring Anthony B, Red Rose & Jack Radics)
  6. Deposit
  7. Deadly Zone (Featuring Mobb Deep & Rappin’ Noyd)
  8. Scare Dem Way (Featuring Scare Dem Crew)
  9. A Love That’s Real (Featuring Brian & Tony Gold)
  10. No Supastar (Featuring Bunny Ruggs, Killah Priest & Dramatxx)
  11. Can’t Believe Mi Eyes
  12. Woman A Trail Mi
  13. Reggae Party (Featuring Third World & Shaggy)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

On the peak of his popularity back in ’96 Bounty Killer released his ‘My xperience’ album. After this album Bounty was very quiet and with Beenie Man and Merciless releasing tune after tune, it was like the Killer was asleep for a while. In Springtime ’98 suddenly he was back in the studio recording nuff big tunes for labels like Bulby & Fatta’s Fat Eyes, Buccaneer’s Opera House and Dave Kelly’s Xtra Large. Bounty was back in the dancehall. But after these redhot dancehall tracks this successor to ‘My xperience’ is a bit disappointing as there is only a handful real hardcore tracks on it. And it is on these tracks that Rodney Price is on his best. It is obviously that this album is aiming on the US market if you look at the names of the guests on this album. So it is a crossbreed of hardcore dancehall, reggae, hiphop and r&b. Despite of it’s real wicked sleeve this album musically stands in the shadow of ‘My xperience’. Highlights of this album are the Dave Kelly produced tracks ‘Eagle and di hawk’ and ‘Can’t believe mi eyes’, but every serious lover of dancehall music has got these tunes in his collection already. Other very good hardcore dancehall tracks are ‘Woman a trail mi’ as well produced by Dave Kelly and ‘Deposit’. The r&b inspired ‘Big life’ with and produced by Richie Stephens, ‘A love that’s real’ on Livingsting’s ‘Eye of the tiger’ riddim and the Red Rose produced ‘Heartbeat’ with Red Rose, Anthony B and Jack Radics already appeared on 7" single. ‘Reggae party’ with hit-deejay Shaggy and veterans Third World, more than 25 years in the business, is a mainstream reggae song. Of course fellow Seaview Gardens artists Scare Dem Crew had to appear on this album as they have always been associated with the Killer. The rest of the album is hiphop flavoured dancehall music but less effective as the hiphop combinations on Bounty’s previous album. Hopefully this album does it’s work in the US and forces the breakthru for Bounty, but the fans of the real hardcore Bounty Killer have to wait till his next album ‘The fifth element’ will be released as is said that this album will be filled with 100% hardcore dancehall.

Danny "Pepperseed" Bouten