Rising Sun
Denkenesh Records
Digital Release
April 25, 2015

Track list
  1. Calculate
  2. Workday
  3. Rising Sun feat. House of Shem
  4. Mosquito Ah Bite Me
  5. Rastafari Is My Guide
  6. Media Portray
  7. Let Love Flow
  8. Rain Forest
  9. Love You Same Way
  10. Medical Ganja feat. Ickarus
  11. War Is Not The Answer
  12. Here To Serve You
  13. Dirty Streets
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Since the release of his first full length album "A Different Age" by I Grade Records in the summer of 2005, we've kept an eye on one of the culture warriors from the US Virgin Islands, Nigel Olivacce aka Niyorah. Although not every track on that debut album was a real winner, it surely indicated the arrival of a young artist with great potential. Already one year after the release of "A Different Age", Niyorah delivered his second studio album entitled "Purification Session". The latter showed an amazing progress, which fully affirmed that he indeed was an artist to follow closely. However, for whatever reason, not that much was heard from him in the following years. It actually lasted until 2010, before he came up with his third album, the Andrew "Bassie" Campbell produced bonafide modern reggae classic "Feel The Presence", which showcased further development of his skills. Although Niyorah now and then recorded for different producers, it once again took a very long time before his eagerly awaited fourth album was released.

As said, in the last years Niyorah has worked with different producers including DJ Frass and Firehouse Crew's George 'Dusty' Miller from Jamaica, the poduction collective Zion I Kings, and Irievibration Records out of Austria, who all have put out tunes on their 'one riddim' projects. And thus there are more than a couple familiar moments featured on this album. Such is the case with the solid "Workday" across Irievibrations Records' "Rub A Dub Market" riddim, "Rastafari Is My Guide" on a revitalized version of the classic "Never Let Go" aka "Answer" riddim called "Ansa Di Question", and the very nice lovers tune "Love You The Same Way" aka "Tears Of Love" on DJ Frass' "Diamonds And Gold" riddim. Furthermore there are also crucial "Media Portray" on the "Jah Warriah" riddim and the sublime "War Is Not The Answer" on the "Songbird" riddim, both produced by Zion I Kings.

The other tracks on "Rising Sun" are new works to our ears. First there's the huge album opener "Calculate", a compelling song with great lyrics, done in a somewhat rough-voiced singjay style. This tune and a few others included here show that Niyorah has chosen to stretch his vocal style. It enables him to deejay, chant and sing, depending on what a song requires. Also the Tippy of I Grade Records produced title track, "Rising Sun", an epic collaboration with the House of Shem (a reggae harmony trio comprised of Carl Perkins and his multi-instrumentalists sons Te Omeka Perkins and Isaiah Perkins out of New Zealand) is a fully satisfying new offering. The same goes for the joyful sounding, but serious message tune "Mosquito Ah Bite Me", which once again displays Niyorah's very interesting lyrical style. Despite its title, the gorgeous "Let Love Flow" is one of African pride and joy. One of the album's finest tunes! "Rain Forest", recorded for a Puerto Rican producer, is a decent effort, while the powerful "Medical Ganja", which features fellow Star Lion Family member Ickarus, makes a serious impression. The outstanding "Here To Serve You", with its strong old skool vibed riddim and partly sung in a style reminiscent of the late Tenor Saw, is a real killer. The album is rounded off by the dancehall flavoured "Dirty Streets", produced by Saj Moor of West Coast Studios out of Morocco.

Niyorah's "Rising Sun" shows he's ready for the world. Hopefully the world is ready for Niyorah, because just like Pressure Busspipe, who comes from the same Star Lion Family, he truly deserves to be heard. Without any doubt one of the best albums of 2015!