Du Kannst Nicht Tanzen
B Seiten Sound
DHF Records - Groove Attack
April 25, 2008

Track list
  1. Der Clan
  2. Satan
  3. UK Okay
  4. Kurz
  5. Du Kannst Nicht Tanzen
  6. Fool U
  7. Lunatic Rock
  8. Bündig
  9. Alte Liebe 8/1/4 feat. Neuschnee
  10. Another Cop Shot
  11. Rubik's Cube
  12. Misanthrop
  13. Schattenreich
  14. Nie Geplant
  15. Rubik's Doob Oder Die Amerikanische Nacht
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Born in dark and dingy basements in Vienna spring 2004, B-Seiten Sound has since grown to an outfit of ten musicians, brought together by their love for reggae. What started as occasional jam-sessions soon became a full size groove machinery consisting of drums, bass, guitars, organ and keys, three piece horn section and two dedicated vocal artists, namely P.Tah (member of the austrian hip hop group Hörspielcrew) and Milkman, who had earned local fame with his smash hit "Mango Chutney" (that was also featured on DHF Records' 2003 sampler "Dancehall Fieber 03" before joining forces with B-Seiten Sound.

But it soon became clear, this band wouldn't limit itself to the regular offbeat routine and the popular 'standard-riddim' practice. Blending reggae with all the other music its members love to listen to (ranging from hip hop, jazz, soul, dirtiest funk and even balkan-groove) and a touch of black humour resulted in a slightly different sound than you would expect. The B-Side, as they understand it, is not what is held insufficient for the A-Side, but rather the often underrated 'grand finale' of a record, where endings count just as much as the beginnings. Hence, B-Seiten Sound have committed themselves to pull all the stops, live as well as in the studio and this debut album "Du Kannst Nicht Tanzen" for Christoph Moser's DHF Records is their first attempt to prove that.

From the first bars of the almost instrumental "Der Clan" it's clear that these 10 musicians form a grooving collective with plenty of horn riffs on top of the tight riddims, maintaining that vibe in the lyrically (both in English and German) also very impressive "Satan" and the upful party tune "UK Okay", before in the instrumental "Kurz" a heavy jazz influence reveals itself with a brilliant fingerpicked guitar solo making this tune sound like a track from the Senior Allstars latest album, being as impressive.

The title track "Du Kannst Nicht Tanzen" is a very entertaining tune about someone with all the classy looks and habits, who nevertheless feels the passion and feel for the groove to be able to dance, followed by the more roots-rocking "Fool U", that unfortunately is however hampered by the fact that - the DJ parts being very nice throughout the album - the singing isn't strong enough to survive as lead vocal, which is a letdown considering the strength of the harmony-vocals. The same weakness is also very clear in the next (by too much rock-guitar dominated) song "Lunatic Rock", before it's back to instrumental magnificence in the very nice "Bündig".

The next tune "Alte Liebe 8/1/4" featuring string-quartet Neuschnee is very impressive and so is "Another Cop Shot" following it, despite the singing there once more not being an enhancement for the tune. It remains strange however, that the sung chorus of "Rubik's Cube" - like other harmony vocals - sounds perfect and so does the toasting on this song. "Misanthrop" is a brilliant (melancholic) tune, both musically and lyrically and "Schattenreich", also a very gloomy song, is an equally strong effort. The last regular tune on this album "Nie Geplant" is across a funky latin-ska-jazz organ driven backing that segues back and forth into more dubby bass-driven territory resulting in a fine catchy song, before the album is closed with "Rubik's Doob Oder Die Amerikanische Nacht", the excellent dub treatment of "Rubik's Cube", to finish an impressive debut album, that especially musically is truly worth tracking down.