Much More To Life
Tiger Records
Digital Release
April 22, 2013

Much More To Life - Norrisman Track list
  1. Intro Skit
  2. Murdera
  3. Skit
  4. Much More To Life
  5. Warning
  6. Skit
  7. Oh Jah
  8. Jah Rule Always
  9. Let Love Control
  10. My Feelings For You
  11. Woman Of Virtues
  12. The Soul
  13. Anytime You Need My Love
  14. Skit
  15. Read Between The Lines
  16. Trying Man
  17. We Are The People
  18. Skit
  19. So Much
  20. All Day Long
  21. Dreaming
  22. Skit
  23. Ovastand
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Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Norrisman is a definite talent who has potential. Since 2008, he's dropped four albums; some hit, some miss. His latest, "Much More To Life" is a mixed bag despite the production of Sherkan and Tiger Records; who has created great albums for Perfect Giddimani and Diana Rutherford.

This young talent burst on the scene in the late 1990s with groundbreaking songs: "Persistence", "Hold Onto Your Faith", and "Bad Road", all featured on the 2000 released "Persistence" album. More albums followed including the strong, 2008 released, "Know The Road" for Lustre Kings. Since then little was heard from him until last year when he released three albums! "Modern Roots" and "Ghetto Life" were links with Swedish producers that ventured into Hip Hop and Dancehall. He then released the fantastic "Dubwise Connection" with California based Mi Gaan. He's got a style that sets him apart from his contemporaries but he's still in the developmental stages of his career. Nuff said, it's no small feat to release three albums in a year (unless you're Vaughn Benjamin and Midnite!).

"Much More To Life" is an extravaganza that is seventeen tracks linked with six "skits" of reasonings. Recorded and mixed at Tiger V Studio by Romain "Sherkan" Chiffre, it features the producer on most instruments, Sheldon Palmer on sax and backing vox by Lymie Murray and Diane Rutherford. The sound is reminiscent of Perfect Giddimani's stellar "French Connection" from the same label. After the first skit, Murdera features great lyrics and riddim but Norrisman's foray into falsetto tarnishes what could be a great song. The title track is more progressive with the singer inna straightforward approach over a tasty drum filled riddim. This style is what Norrisman excels at! Warning is a strong reality tune that has slight Anthony B influence, but it works. Oh Jah is an acoustic piece that has Norrisman trying to haul in a Giddimani style to varied effect. Jah Rule Always features nice key work and the artist getting his serious message across proper; nice selection! Let Love Control ("Ol Sittin'" riddim) is a great riddim but the youthman switches up his vocal delivery, often that makes a little confusion.

My Feelings For You ("Dutty Foot" riddim) is a thoroughly good time! Norrisman rides the riddim well when he's letting the vibes flow; serious lover's tune here! Woman Of Virtues is intelligent, but falls victim to his falsetto again. The Soul and Anytime You Need My Love show flicks of potential but fall short. Read Between The Lines shines brightly! Featuring Sheldon's searing sax work, Norrisman rides this one with class and pure wit. We Are The People ("Box Guitar" riddim) shows a sense of purpose. One of the bonafide tracks here; it brims with pure skank and character. All Day Long is an innovative Dancehall number with outstanding lyrics and confident structure. Dreaming doesn't hold up to the standard that he's capable of. The final track, Ovastand is a statement. Over a potent acoustic riddim, Norrisman delivers the goods inna crooning style and educates with authority.

"Much More To Life" can be deemed as a chapter in Norrisman's career. After dabbling in genres that don't really complement his talent, I think he's realized that the best equation is to stay close to the Roots. Though not on par with his "Dubwise Connection" set, this effort deserves a listen. As long as this rising talent sticks to a solid foundation, his impact will be long lasting for years to come. Go deh!!!!