No Matter The Time
Jah Mason
Jenny Records-Munich
June 17, 2008

Jah Mason - No Matter the Time Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Fussing And Fighting
  3. Black Star Liner
  4. Too Hot Fe Dem
  5. No Matter The Time
  6. Free Up The Knowledge
  7. Dem Caan Keep Up
  8. Love Is The Answer
  9. Got To Be True
  10. A Lot Of Love
  11. Burn Dem For A Purpose
  12. Burn Dem Still
  13. Precious Stone
  14. Give Thanks
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Total votes : 18
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Jah Mason aka Fyah Mason delivers his eleventh full length album release since he made his recording debut in 1992 with the single "Selassie I Name Me Call" (then performing as Perry Mason). But it still lasted ten years before he could finally release his first album, "Keep Your Joy" on the now defunct Ghetto Technology label from Seattle WA. More albums followed, including his best album so far "Never Give Up", the popular VP release "Princess Gone (The Saga Bed)", the solid "Wheat And Tears", and the 2007 released "Life Is Just A Journey".

The "No Matter The Time" set is the final result of Jah Mason's collaboration with Dawin Brown of Vikings Production from St. Ann's JA. Both already worked together in 2004, when they released the album "Surprise Dem". This new collection of tunes, recorded at Black Scorpio, Roof Top and Cell Block studios, is a thoroughly solid affair and contains a few very compelling tracks. The latter include the wicked repatriation tune "Black Star Liner", the beautiful title track "No Matter Of Time", the awesome "Free Up The Knowledge", the fiery "Burn Dem Still", and "Too Hot Fe Dem", previously featured on the hard to find "Surprise Dem" set. The mediocre "Burn Dem For A Purpose" has been taken from that album as well. Riddimwise the listener is treated to a mixture of new backdrops and do-overs of classic riddims such as "You And Your Smiling Face", "Hot Milk", and "Police In Helicopter".

"No Matter The Time" matches Jah Mason's most recent album releases, but we're still waiting for that one superlative album, necessary to finally achieve the definite promotion to the premier league.