Heiss & Laut
Rootdown Records / Soulfood Music
March 13, 2009

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Pramm Pramm
  3. Action
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  5. Hör Nicht Auf
  6. In Da Club (Skit)
  7. Ey Jau
  8. Heiss & Laut
  9. Blockparty mit Ronny Trettmann
  10. Angst Ist Deren Business mit Olli Banjo
  11. Ihr Könnt Mir Garnichts
  12. Maul Auf
  13. Sista Sabine (Skit)
  14. Wass Ged Aab?!
  15. Immer Nur Bergauf
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Eric Wilson a.k.a. Nosliw continues his streak of big releases following 2002's Maxi-CD "In Vollen Zügen" and the 2004 and 2005 single-CDs "Wie Weit" across Teka's extremely successful 'Crystal Woman'-riddim and "Musik" over the equally beautiful 'Musik'-riddim taken from his very impressive full length debut album "Mittendrin", followed by the singles "Immer Wieder Hören" and "Mehr Davon (More Of That)", the second single taken from Nosliw's sophomore album with the same title ("Mehr Davon") on Rootdown Records. German singjay Nosliw (born 1975 in Bonn, Germany as Eric Wilson) started out producing hiphop with English lyrics in 1991 as a teenager, in 1995 he was a founding member of German hiphop crew D.U.G. (Die Unendlichen Gedichte - the Infinite Poems) performing with German-only lyrics. As a member of D.U.G. he rediscovered his love for reggae music, the music he heard in his youth, raised to the soul and reggae his mother played. In 1999 he got in touch through his connection with Nattyflo with Rootdown Records. After the first two hiphop-reggae crossovers "Steil" and "Babylon" Nosliw started to develop 'real' reggae tracks with Rootdown producer Teka. His tune "Boahh!" on Teka's "Racer Riddim, the first ever riddim to be voiced with a string of German-only vocals immediately convinced alongside the other versions from Natty U, Ragga Fränkie & Dr. Ring Ding, D-Flame, Natty Flo, Benjie and Tolga & Suga's.

And now Nosliw is leading the pack with his most recent third album "Heiss & Laut" and with it Nosliw shows a side that everybody who has seen him perform knows, but remaining less often captured as a recording, with this (German lyrics only) pure dancehall release. After the witty "Intro" that is a fine statement against (illegal) filesharing the album kicks off with the by Rootdown Records own labelchef and in-house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jocks produced melodic dancehall I'm-back-message "Pramm Pramm", the also by Teka produced catchy "Action" and the self-produced chorus driven "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah". "Hör Nicht Auf" is the very nice first single that will be released from the album (though the title-track has been digitally released as street-single), produced by fellow-Rootdown artist Maxim's (backing) band Okada Super Sound over a hip-hop influenced oriental sounding riddim and after the "In Da Club (Skit)" Nosliw rides for "Ey Jau" the same Teka riddim that was used by labelmates Mono & Nikitaman for their "Kann Ja Mal Passieren". A minimalistic yet swinging riddim by Teka backs the (already two months ago digitally released) titletrack "Heiss & Laut" that is a true fast-paced delivered dancehall bouncer and then Nosliw is joined by Ronny Trettmann for the wonderful party tune "Block Party" for Austria's Bassrunner Productions and by Olli Banjo for the only lyrically more socially engaged (as we now Nosliw from his earlier albums) tune "Angst Is Deren Business" with its great slow hip hop vibe.

There's nothing slow about the next tune as "Ihr Könnt Mir Gar Nichts" is a brilliant tune that rides a very fast percussion and vacuum-cleaner-bass driven dubstep/drum 'n' bass driven by Bassface Sascha that is an absolute scorcher showing Nosliw's ability to truly be on top of any kind of riddim, even when it's not pure reggae, hip hop or dancehall, before on "Maul Auf" great backing vocals support Nosliw's message over Teka's rootsy riddim. The "Sista Sabine (Skit)" once more clarifies the theme of this album is party & dancehall not culture and roots immediately followed by the completely hookline driven self-produced "Was Geed Aab?!". The album closes with "Immer Nur Bergauf" over the very fine relick of 'Dub Organizer' a.k.a. 'He Prayed' by former Senior Allstars bass-player André 'Ras' Meyer to leave all Nosliw fans and all dancehall enthusiasts (who can cope with lyrics in German) completely satisfied. "Heiss & Laut" is an excellent third Nosliw album, that focuses on the party side of (reggae and) dancehall.