Mehr Davon
Rootdown - Soulfood Music
CD / 2LP
May 4, 2007

Track list
  1. Mehr ... (Intro)
  2. Lauter
  3. Es Hat Sich Nichts Geändert
  4. Bitte Schickt Mir Hilfe
  5. Mehr Davon
  6. Immer Wieder Hören
  7. Bleib Mal Cool
  8. Nicht Mehr Da
  9. Liebe feat. Gentleman
  10. Kurz Allein Sein
  11. Allerletzte Chance
  12. Loser
  13. Ticket Zu 'ner Ander'n Welt
    Hidden Bonus Track
  14. Du Kannst Nichts Mehr Tun
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Nosliw's sophomore album "Mehr Davon" on Rootdown Records is at least as impressive as his 2002 Maxi-debut "In Vollen Zügen" and his very impressive 2004 full length debut album "Mittendrin", that spawned the single CDs "Wie Weit" across Teka's extremely successful 'Crystal Woman'-riddim and "Musik" over the equally beautiful 'Musik'-riddim and fully delivers what the already first single taken from this album "Immer Wieder Hören" hinted at, German-language reggae that has come to age over wonderful riddims (almost exclusively stemming from Rootdown Records co-founder and in house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jacks.

German singjay Nosliw (b. 1975 in Bonn, Germany as Eric Wilson) started out producing hiphop with English lyrics in 1991 as a teenager, in 1995 he was a founding member of German hiphop crew D.U.G. (Die Unendlichen Gedichte - the Infinite Poems), performing with German-only lyrics. As a member of D.U.G. he rediscovered his love for reggae music, the music he heard in his youth, raised to the soul and reggae his mother played. In 1999 he got in touch through his connection with Nattyflo with Rootdown Records. After the first two hiphop-reggae crossovers "Steil" and "Babylon" Nosliw started to develop 'real' reggae tracks with Rootdown producer Teka. His tune "Boahh!" on Teka's "Racer Riddim, the first ever riddim to be voiced with a string of German-only vocals immediately convinced alongside the other versions like Natty U, Ragga Fränkie & Dr. Ring Ding's "Hartchor", D-Flame's "Freund Oder Feind", Natty Flo's "Wir Gehens An", Benjie's "Das Dickste" and Tolga & Suga's "Zeit Für Uns". And now Nosliw is leading the pack with this latest album release entitled "Mehr Davon".

After the short "Mehr ... (Intro)" by Kingstone's MC Rodney taken from a liveshow at Cologne's Stadtgarten Nosliw makes a great upful statement about reggae in German nog being the latest soon to be over craze but being here to stay and getting louder every day with "Lauter" over a riddim he co-produced with Teka very reminiscent of a Bob Marley & The Wailers uptempo one-drop (probably that reference is invoked by the 'rockish' guitar in its arrangement), composed by Teka together with former Senior Allstars bassplayer André Meyer, before Nosliw once more expresses his criticism of the consuming society he is so great at putting into words in "Es Hat Sich Nichts Geändert" Nothing Has Changed and singing a beautiful lovesong as platonic friend longing to become lover in "Bitte Schickt Mir Hilfe" Please Do Send Me Help over two great Teka riddims.

The title track "Mehr Davon" More Of That is produced by Guiseppe 'Big Finga' Coppola who also contributes live drums to this and a couple of other tracks on this album, a beautiful lovers tune with a great sax by Fabian Astor lending the tune a very lighthearted vibe - invoking memories of Tippa Irie's "Hello Darling" - backed by the complete Feueralarm band from Berlin. "Immer Wieder Hören" is the already released great first single of this album bigging up Germany's soundsystem and reggae scene over a beautiful Teka riddim, followed by the witty "Bleib Mal Cool" Stay Cool about those annoying guys you don't necessarily want to meet in a dancehall over a great Silly Walks riddim with very fine (German) backing vocals by UK lovers rock stalwart Lloyd Brown. "Nicht Mehr Da" No Longer Here is a brilliant heartfelt moving song about the loss of a beloved one over an excellent Nyahbinghi inspired Teka riddim, followed by the only tune featuring a guest, Germany's biggest reggae star Gentleman contributing his patois lyrics to the excellent conscious combination "Liebe" Love.

"Kurz Allein Sein" Being Alone Briefly is the light rocksteady influenced proposal for quick intimacy, with its nice, almost careless lyrics emphasised by the Teka and André Meyer composition, followed by Nosliw's take on Teka's brilliant 'Let Go'-riddim the tongue-in-cheek "Allerletzte Chance" One More Chance and his rather pessimistic (and probably because of its title easily misunderstood) social criticism in "Loser" before "Ticket Zu 'Ner Ander'n Welt" Ticket To Another World is the official last (extended) tune of this magnificent album that is a next big step forward for German(-language) reggae, Nosliw (despiting losing his major contract after "Mittendrin") and Teka and his Rootdown Records, before the very sentimental "Du Kannst Nichts Mehr Tun" hidden bonus track closes this must have album.