Winston McAnuff
November 22, 2008

Winston Mcanuff Track list
  1. Mix Up Moods
  2. Nostradamus
  3. Slave Driver
  4. Vain Imagining
  5. Takin It All
  6. Love Is The Song I Sing
  7. Sunday Morning
  8. The Bait
  9. Pick Up
  10. The Pack
  11. Set Us Free
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Total votes : 8
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
After Makasound had released three compilations of old material from the 'Electric Dread' Winston McAnuff, the latter came up with brand new recordings on Makasound's subsidiary label Makafresh. Surprisingly his albums "A Drop" (done in association with The Bazbaz Orchestra) and the combination with Java, "Paris Rockin'", didn't contain strictly reggae music, but efforts in which he ventured into new musical territories. Even though not everyone was pleased with these albums, it was in particular "Paris Rockin'" that enjoyed real good sales in France and received much acclaim from all around the world.

Some two years after the release of "Paris Rockin'", Winston McAnuff has gone back to his Jamaican roots and returns wih an album that contains pure reggae music (except for "Takin It All", which is a funky groovin' tune). The Clive Hunt produced "Nostradamus" features live played original riddims by Earl "Chinna" Smith, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Clive Hunt, Lloyd "Obeah" Denton, Bongo Herman and Uziah "Sticky" Thompson to name only six, with on top that powerful singular voice of Winston McAnuff. Also from a lyrical point of view it's a joy to listen to his music, because the veteran truly has something to say, although you might have to get used to his somewhat eccentric, yet accessible and moving songwriting.

The album opener "Mixed Up Moods", with Fixi's accordion play as a slight reference to his previous album, is a refreshing 'one drop' reggae tune with a wicked bassline. Then there's the title track, which is a direct hit with its great horn section, fine backing vocals and Winston McAnuff's commanding vocal delivery. Several listenings are required to appreciate "Slave Driver" and also "Vain Imagining" to the fullest. The irresistibly groovy "Takin It All" shows that McAnuff is also able to deliver an extremely soulful performance. Next drops "Love Is The Song I Sing", a nice ballad with an acoustic guitar and the flute of Eric "Rico" Gaultier being the only backing instruments. After this intermezzo it's the exuberant "Sunday Morning" that continues to provide good entertainment. The next four tunes form the strongest part of the album and include the outstanding "The Bait", the matching "Pick Up", and the excellent "Set Us Free".

Overall opinion is that a few tracks of this Winston McAnuff's "Nostradamus" set instantly grab your attention while others have to grown on you. With this fine collection Winston McAnuff doesn't treat the listener to the usually obligatory modern roots reggae, which can be interpreted as a recommendation!