Album review
Occam's Razor
Foreign Exchange
1st Step Records

Tracking list

  1. Damned If I Do
  2. Vision
  3. On The Down Beat
  4. More Volume
  5. Bad Cop
  6. Love Sense
  7. Heads Or Tails
  8. Intuition
  9. One Short Of 8
  10. Jah Will Be There
  11. Big Head Spliff
  12. Same Shit
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

Foreign Exchange's -founded in 1993 by Peter and Paul Tulloch- third album Occam's Razor is the next step onto a brighter future for this sympathetic band from Brooklyn. Their second album "Such is life" was a "true promise for the future" and this album won't dissapoint you at all.
The cd is dedicated to their brother Kenneth Tulloch and shows the band in a musical relaxed mood, mixing reggae tunes with ska, mento, and even some jazz. After the energetic opening track Damned If I Do comes one of the musical and lyrical highlights of the album Vison. It's one of these tunes that really grabs you ! On The Down Beat is a distinctively arranged song incorporating ska and one drop.
More Volume is a very catchy song about the pleasures of listening and enjoying music, picking up and feeling the vibrations of (reggae) music. The next track -Bad Cop- deals with "the bad cop who runs the shop and he's trying to make me fall". It's a song filled with bitterness and sadness.
Another highlight is Heads Or Tails, a compelling song complete with nice backing vocals and a strings intro. The next track reminds me of one of my favourite pop bands, Steely Dan. Intuition is a jazzy song with a warm organ and quality female backing vocals.
Vocally reminiscent to Steel Pulse is the excellent One Short Of 8. "Jah will be there for you my friend, open your heart and let his voice come in.."sings Paul Tulloch on Jah Will Be There a song that is one more highlight on Occam's Razor.
Throughout the album both the arrangements and basslines manage to hold your attention,just as the deft vocal delivery. Most of the tracks are made for listening as well as dancing. Occam's Razor is the best Foreign Exchange album so far, a mature set and a must buy for reggae fans worldwide.

Teacher & Mr. T.