Album review
One Love
Willie Williams
Smugg Records

Tracking list

  1. One Love
  2. Jah Righteous Reign
  3. Loafers
  4. Children *
  5. Natty Natty
  6. Solid
  7. Words Of Knowledge
  8. A Child
  9. Don't Let I Down *
  10. Rock On *
  11. Rock So *
  12. Arise *
  13. Easy
  14. Trouble & Problem
  15. Rockin Universally
  16. Ease Up The Pressure

    * indicates previously unreleased tracks.
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4

Just mention "Armageddon Time" to any reggae fan and most likely he will come up with Willie Williams. Recorded with the Sound Dimension at the legendary Studio One this huge hit has become one of reggae's signature tunes and thus firmly established Willie Williams' name on the reggae map. Furthermore it also brought him to a wider audience as it was successfully covered by London's premier punk band The Clash in the early eighties. The albums "Messenger Man", "Unity Man", "Natty With A Cause", "See Me" and a so-called "clash" album with Barry Brown for the Black Roots label are Willie Williams' main releases to date.
Now here comes "One Love", a compilation set from London-based Smugg Records that brings us a nice collection of tracks from a singer who is known for his unique vocal delivery and ever conscious lyrics. Tunes collected on this cd are obviously taken from various periods in Willie Williams' musical career. However it's almost impossible to trace recording dates, places and producers 'cause there's no such info featured on the sleeve. The first three tracks, including the excellent "Jah Righteous Reign" and the matching "Loafers", are probably recorded at the beginning of the eighties when early reggae dancehall started to dominate the Jamaican music scene. The previously unreleased song "Children" has a more late seventies feel as goes for the other four unreleased cuts which include the notable efforts "Rock On", "Rock So" and "Arise". The last four tracks of this cd are definitely from a later period of time. Among them are the solid tracks "Easy" and "Rockin Universally". But also "Trouble & Problem" and "Ease Up The Pressure" are decent and enjoyable tunes. Furthermore let's not forget to mention gems like "Natty Natty" and the wonderful "Solid", a truly outstanding song with a great vocal and lyrical presentation reminiscent of the late Bim Sherman.
Although the quality of the tunes is somewhat variable, Willie Williams' "One Love" has nuff fine moments to make it worth while checking!

Teacher & Mr. T.