Only King Selassie
Ras Shiloh
November 19, 2007

Track list
  1. Sea Of Love
  2. So Much Heathen
  3. Man From The Mountain
  4. I Know
  5. Rastaman To Africa
  6. Only King Selassie
  7. Hardcore Steppers
  8. Mama Africa feat. Lutan Fyah
  9. Jah Jah Lives
  10. Praises To Jah
  11. To The King
  12. United We Stand
  13. Donít Deserve My Love
  14. Girl Next Door
  15. So Proud
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It looks like 2007 is going to be the year in which Ras Shiloh finally manages to get a real breakthrough, something he's been trying to achieve since he first drew attention with Melchizedek Muzik's compilation "Ras Shiloh & Bredren" in 1997.

Earlier this year -- in May -- Ras Shiloh's fourth album "Coming Home" arrived, actually five years after the release of its most immediate predecessor, the Donovan Germain produced set "From Rasta To You". Under the watchful guidance of the great vet producer Bobby "Digital" Dixon, Ras Shiloh (a roots singer whose style is strongly reminiscent of the late great Garnett Silk) has delivered a wonderful album, without doubt his best to date.

And now, six months after Ras Shiloh's album for VP Records, there's a brand new album, entitled "Only King Selassie", on the Greensleeves label that hits the streets. Produced by King Jammy at his famous Waterhouse studio, this set finds this legendary producer digging deep into the vaults for a clutch of his old riddims -- like he did for recent sets from Natural Black ("Jah Guide") and Sizzla ("Waterhouse Redemption") -- including Black Uhuru's "I Love King Selassie" ("Rastaman To Africa"), Dennis Brown's "The Exit" ("To The King"), Johnny Osbourne's "Water Pumping" ("Girl Next Door"), Leroy Gibbons' "Samfie Girl" ("Praises To Jah") and Half Pint's "You Lick Me First" ("Hardcore Steppers"). Surprisingly there's also Wayne Smith's "Sleng Teng" ("Jah Jah Lives"), which rides Ras Shiloh with ease. Besides these revived classic Jammy riddims there are also a few more recent backdrops that underpin Ras Shiloh's efforts.

"Only King Selassie" once again shows that Ras Shiloh is at his very best when he delivers tunes with a rootical nature as most of his lovers tunes featured here are nice but forgettable. Standout tracks include the combination with Lutan Fyah, "Mama Africa", which deals with returning home to Africa and radicalism, "So Much Heathen", the awesome "Hardcore Steppers" about the battle with the Babylon system, and the powerful "Jah Jah Lives" (released as 7" single in 2005, then titled "Heights Of Heaven"). Solid pieces worth of hearing are "Man From The Mountain", "Rastaman To Africa", the title track "Only King Selassie", "Praises To Jah" and "Sea Of Love".

Overall opinion is that this collection of tunes isn't as strong as the "Coming Home" album, but it certainly isn't far behind.