Can't Stop Us
Omar Perry
September 30, 2009

Omar Perry - Can't Stop Us Track list
  1. We Wah
  2. Bless Them
  3. Can't Stop Us
  4. Woman I Love You
  5. Beat Down Babylon
  6. Right Right Left
  7. 911 (Memorial)
  8. Fighting For A Cause
  9. Boom Town
  10. Oh Boy feat. Cleo
  11. Do You Love Me
  12. Save The Earth
  13. Tide Of The Times feat. Tippa Irie
  14. Iím Rebel
  15. The Ghostmakers
  16. Spiritually
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"Can't Stop Us" is Omar Perry's sophomore album that follows up his late 2007 released debut set "Man Free". Lee "Scratch" Perry's second son was born in Jamaica, lived in London and Gambia, Africa, and is now blazing the fire in Brussels, Belgium. Since his very first European performance (support act for The Amharic at Fool Moon in Brussels) in 1999, he has played in venues and at festivals in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Holland, in recent times mainly with Ille de France's Homegrown Band. The latter, together with Omar Perry, produced this 16 track cd, which is mainly modern roots oriented with inexplicable a few dancehall efforts ("Right Right Left" and "Bring Me Joy" feat. Cleo) thrown in as if to show that he's also at ease with this musical genre. But to be honest, as already witnessed on his first album, he fails to make a strong impression with these kinda tunes.

The album opens strong with "We Wah" across a full sounding riddim that brings to mind the roots reggae riddims from the seventies. Next drops a riddim that is strongly reminiscent of Pow Pow's "Superior", underpinning the matching "Bless Them". It's followed by the wicked title track "Can't Stop Us", which treats the listener to a revitalized version of Glen Brown's awesome "Green Bay" riddim. The lovers tune "Need You" aka "Woman I Love You" on Bost & Bim's superb "Soprano" riddim rounds off the first quarter of the album in real fine style.

Omar Perry's version of Junior Byles' classic roots anthem "Beat Down Babylon" is the first explicit reference to his father, who produced this militant tune in the early seventies. The other, even better effort, that refers to "Scratch" is "Save The Earth", which comes across a fine relick of Max Romeo's classic "Chase The Devil" riddim. Other tunes that deserve a special mention are "911 (Memorial)" over a nyahbinghi style riddim with nice guitar picking, "Fighting For A Cause", the hard hitting "Boom Town" on a new version of Ini Kamoze's "World A Music", "I'm A Rebel" and "Spiritually", the solid album closer.

Overall opinion is that Omar Perry's second album contains nuff solid tracks to enjoy.