Album review
Oriental Dub Vol. 2
Mafia & Fluxy / Gussie P
Riverbank Records
February 25 - 2005

Tracking list

    Side 1.

  1. Dizzy Weapon
  2. Dub Rock
  3. Bend Instrument
  4. Jumpers Style
  5. Guitar Code
  6. Pillar Of Salt
    Side 2.

  1. Baffle Board
  2. Bami Presser
  3. Track Records
  4. Wakefield Dub
  5. Linstead Square
  6. Chinie Weapon
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 1

"Oriental Dub Vol. 2", a LP produced by Paul Chue for Riverbank Records, features the mixing skills of engineer Gussie P and the riddims of Mafia & Fluxy. This is the follow up to the acclaimed "Oriental Dub" set, which was almost impossible to get hold of outside of London, never mind the UK or other parts of this globe, as it was a strictly limited edition with 500 copies only pressed. Most likely the same goes for this new release, which is a pity because this collection of dub tunes is truly worth of hearing. Despite its title this LP doesn't contain tracks that sound very oriental. No problem with that, because it's the dub outing that matters, and that's well represented and expertly done. Here you'll find mostly fresh riddims and a few remakes like for example "Linstead Square", which is reminiscent of the "Tempo" riddim. Except for one track there are no vocals, and most of the tracks are cool for chilling as well as for dancing. A solid dub LP and a good purchase for fans of dub music.

Teacher & Mr. T.