Album review
Outernational Dub Convention Vol. 1
Jah Free & Vibronics
Universal Egg

Tracking list

    Jah Free :

  1. Rod Of Correction
  2. Dub One Another
  3. Wickedness In Dub
  4. Dubplate Version
  5. Set Me Dub
  6. Crown In Glory
  7. Duplate Version
  8. Who Are The Dub

    Vibronics :

  9. Jahlight Jahlove
  10. Zulu Kingdom
  11. Brimstone And Fire
  12. The Gift
  13. Dubplate Version
  14. Dub Discovery
  15. Shaka The King
  16. Dub Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : -/3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Jah Free started his musical career as a member of the band Tallowah. This band later evolved into Bushfire, who managed to build a solid reputation on the European "live" circuit. However, Bushfire didn't exist that long and Jah Free set up Jah Free Music to record and release Jah Free Records. His records proved to be especially popular on the sound system circuit, which finally led to his association with Zion Train's Universal Egg collective and the release of his debut album "Breaking Out". Stevie Vibronics, from Leicester UK, joined the Universal Egg collective after he had made a serious impression during the Universal Experience '97 shows. With Zion Train he recorded the 7" single "Jahlight, Jahlove" (featured on this album), which proved popular within the UK roots scene and led to a combination with Jah Free. The combination of these two artists worked very well as Jah Free's penchant for booming out the bass lines was the perfect supplement to Vibronics' digital dub sound. It even made both dubmasters tour across Europe to perform on a series of "live" dub conferences.
Fans of UK Dub can capture the efforts of these two artists on one compact disc. The Jah Free tracks are the better ones, but Vibronics delivers nice tunes as well with the earlier mentioned cut "Jahlight, Jahlove" - incorporating a heavy roots bass line - being the standout out of his eight contributions. Also worth mentioning is Jah Free's "Rod Of Correction", which utilizes a heavy steppers riddim, with a bass line that really drops heavily here.

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