Album review

Tracking list

  1. Payday
  2. Legalization
  3. Share the Riches
  4. Hav E Hav E
  5. Do Something For Yourself
  6. Election
  7. Where The Tree Falls
  8. Good Times
  9. War In Sierra Leone
  10. Cape Coast To JA
  11. Chicken Titty
  12. The Boss
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The legendary group Culture keeps the roots train rollin in the new millenium with their "Payday" album, as usual released on Dr. Dread's 'RAS' imprint, the US based record company with whom Culture has a long-term association. During Culture's career - which already spans more than two decades - roots reggae fans worldwide have been served with quality music both live and recorded. Produced by Clive Hunt and Joseph Hill, recorded at Mixing Lab in Kingston, JA, this brand new Culture release incorporates top-quality real instrumentation and backing singers, but most of all the unique delivery, both lyrically and vocally, of Joseph "Culture" Hill.
As ever the themes of Culture's songs deal with spiritual and political debauchery. The lyrics Joseph Hill uses to express his observations and point of view on these matters contain strong words, the right punch to make his point, and also humour. Although the 16 seconds lasting guitar intro of "Payday" provided mixed feelings - as no other than the late pop guitarist Jimi Hendrix should play the American National Anthem on guitar - we enjoyed all twelve tracks as they happen to be solid efforts and truly well worth spinning over and over. In some tunes Culture return to classic riddims and song structure, like for example the bassline of "Pick Up The Pieces" in the excellent "Legalization" and "Cape Coast To JA", which is very reminiscent to a previously recorded Culture song. But most of all this album collects fresh, sometimes real impressive quality roots material thus unmistakably confirming that Culture is still able of making their mark all over again.

Teacher & Mr. T.