I Sound Is From Creation
Prezident Brown
Tad's Records
January 29, 2013

I Sound Is from Creation - Prezident Brown & Axx of Jahpostles Track list
  1. Fi We Queen / Jamaica
  2. Hypocritical Smiling Faces
  3. Cease Fire
  4. I Sound Is From Creation
  5. Rebel With A Cause feat. Gary Pine
  6. Rising Star
  7. Some People
  8. Everything Is Everything
  9. Self Mastery Flex
  10. Defender
  11. Free The People
  12. Friends
  13. Teach The Youths Dem (Meditation)
  14. Be Careful (Rags To Riches)
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Total votes : 9
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It took about three years before Prezident Brown was ready to unleash his ninth studio album called "I Sound Is From Creation" (the follow-up to "Common Prosperity"), but it has been well worth the wait. Produced by Devon Bradshaw of Axx of Jahspostles, Ian "Beezy" Coleman and Fitz Cotterell aka Prezident Brown himself, the new album contains 14 tracks, of which about 6 tunes are re-recordings of the "Common Prosperity" album.

Although being one of the most consistently interesting cultural artists since the release of his 1995 debut album "Big Bad & Talented", put out by the Dutch RUNNetherlands label, he has has never managed to take his place in the forefront of reggae music. His Kariang produced landmark set, the critical acclaimed "To Jah Only", could have given him the deserved huge international breakthrough, but it didn't happen. Unfortunately, working with the Chet record label from Germany and the US based Jahmani imprint proved to be somewhat of a throwback in his music career. For "Common Prosperity", Prezident Brown started to work with Devon Bradshaw (Axx of Jahpostles, Burning Spear) and Ian "Beezy" Coleman (Ziggy Marley), and this working together has been continued for the making of "I Sound Is From Creation". Compared with "Common Prosperity", the latter is a better effort than its predecessor, and although "To Jah Only" has to be outmatched yet, this collection of tunes almost matches the high level of quality set by that album.

The opening track of "I Sound Is From Creation", "Fi We Queen / Jamaica 50" on a relick of Lloyd Parks' "Officially" riddim, instantly draws full attention. This great uplifting tune is Prezident Brown's musical contribution to Jamaica's 50th Anniversary celebrations and definitely one of the best we've heard. "Hypocritical Smiling Faces" is a big tune, while also the anti-violence tune "Cease Fire" across the "M16" riddim is a convincing effort throughout. In all a great way to start an album, but be assured it doesn't stop here. Also the other tracks on this album -- with "Rising Star" (aka "Ghetto Youths") being the only exception due to its autotuned vocals -- are real good pieces and thus worthwhile hearing. Highlights are the title track "I Sound Is From Creation", the killer "Some People" across a revamped version of The Congos' "Fisherman" riddim, "Free The People" on a wonderful remake of Burning Spear's "He Prayed" riddim, "Teach The Youths Dem (Meditation)", and the album closer "Be Careful (Rags To Riches)".

With "I Sound Is From Creation", Prezident Brown returns to form!