Real Vibes
Vibes Point Records
CD / Digital Release
May 22, 2013

Real Vibes - PieroDread Track list
  1. Live In Love
  2. Leave You No More
  3. Time Is Getting Rough feat. Jah Son
  4. Forever
  5. See Dem A Fight
  6. Inna Me Yard feat. Askala Selassie
  7. When You Stay
  8. Pay The Price feat. Raphael
  9. Ganja Business
  10. Mama Earth Chant
  11. See You Later feat. Mojo Morgan
  12. Purification
  13. Turn Up The Radio
  14. Ganja Biz Dub
  15. Pay The Dub
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Another artist from Italy ready to follow in the footsteps of his international very successful countryman Alborosie is PieroDread (real name Piero Comite). Although PieroDread most likely isn't a familiar name within the international reggae fraternity outside Italy, he certainly isn't a newcomer. In the last 10 years he was a member of Franziska, one of Italy's foremost reggae bands and winner of the European Reggae Contest in 2007.

In 2006 he founded the Vibes Point Studio productions together with Ruben Minuto and Nico Roccamo, a structure that includes rehearsal rooms and a recording studio of which he is the engineer and producer. As musician and producer he also works with Bizzarri records, Senegalese singer Sun Sooley and Jamaican singer Raymond Wright. In multiple roles as a singer, musician and producer, his own productions can be found on record labels such as Warner-Universal-Sony-V2 and Goldcup Records. Furthermore he's the author of television themes.

In 2013 PieroDread decided to leave Franziska to pursue a solo career, which first resulted in the release of two singles; a collaboration with Anthony B called "So Precious" and "Leave You No More". The latter is also featured on his 15-track debut solo album entitled "Real Vibes". The album, mostly produced and played with the Smoke band from Italy, also includes production work of House of Riddim (Austria), Oneness Records (Germany) Ambassa of Goldcup Records, Sir Merigo, and Jeeba, and includes special guests such as Mr. Mojo (Morgan Heritage), Askala Selassie (from the UK), up-and-coming Italian singer Raphael (Easy Skankers) and Roddy 'Jah Son' Labontè (Franziska).

"Real Vibes", which opens in fine style with the real nice acoustic message tune "Live In Love", makes a good impression throughout. The previously released single "Leave You No More" on the "Redeemer" riddim is one of the lovers tunes featured on this collection. It's an entertaining piece, followed by "Forever", "When You Stay" and "See You Later", of which the latter, a collaboration with Mr. Mojo, makes the best impression. Besides tunes that deal with affairs of the heart, the listener is also treated to songs full of consciousness. In particular the solid "See Dem A Fight", the wicked "Purification", the revolutionary "Turn Up The Radio" across a relick of Yellowman's "Lost Mi Lover", and "Mama Earth Chant" with its the light-hearted sounding backdrop, are worthwhile hearing. The same can be said of the combination tunes "Time Is Getting Rough" with Jah Son and "Pay The Price" with Raphael.

PieroDread has delivered a fully convincing, well balanced album, which will appeal to Alborosie and modern roots fans alike.