Album review
Perilous Time
Artists Only! Records

Tracking list

  1. Black Princess
  2. Never Understand It
  3. I Who Have Nothing
  4. Perilous Time
  5. Babylon Wall
  6. Picture On The Wall
  7. I'm Doing Just Fine
  8. For You
  9. Sip My Chalice
  10. All My Life
  11. How Can I Love Someone
  12. Never Ending World
  13. Don't Dis The Woman
  14. Rest Your Head On My Shoulder
  15. Nice And Slow
  16. Hands Of Babylon
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

Sweet-voiced Kevin Anthony Jackson, better known as Sanchez, cut his first sides in the second half of 1987. Already at the beginning of the following year he managed to become the number one singer of love songs in reggae music, underlined by the release of two fine albums : "Loneliness" and "Sweetest Girl". In a short period of time Sanchez became extremely popular amongst the - mainly female - reggae fans and broke big in the U.K. where every single release seemed to be a guarenteed chartbuster. The fans loved him, but there were also many others who underrated his skill and talents because of his singing so many cover songs, which actually resulted in the not so flattering title "King Of Cover". However, throughout his more than one decade spanning career Sanchez has unmistakably made clear that he is also capable of delivering fine self-penned songs, lovers songs as well as reality tunes such as the excellent "South Africa".
His newest album "Perilous Time" - recorded at King Jammy's Recording Studio and expertly produced by King Jammy's son Lloyd "John John" James - is another perfect example of the appealing "Sanchez concept" : a distinctive golden voice delivering a varied set of lovers & conscious music, cover songs as well as own compositions. As far as the latter concerns, it's truly striking that all of them are reality tunes with no less than four belonging to the highlights of this album : the album opener "Black Princess" (co-written with John John) across a wicked rendition of Keith & Tex's "Tonight" riddim, the killer tune "Babylon Wall" across the infectious "Trial & Crosses" riddim, "Don't Dis The Woman" and "Hands Of Babylon" across the revitalized "M16" riddim. Other great moments on this solid Sanchez album include the title track "Perilous Time", the lovers version across the aforementioned "M16" riddim entitled "For You" and a great cover of the BeeGees song "Rest Your Head On My Shoulder" performed across a contemporary version of Derrick Harriott's "Solomon" riddim.
So watch out, 'cause Sanchez is back with a vengeance !

Teacher & Mr. T.