Better Off Dread
Perfect Giddimani
Jah Youth Productions / Giddimani Records
CD / Digital Release
May 27, 2014

Track list
  1. Better Off Dread
  2. Like Marley
  3. Awake
  4. Revolution Come feat. Lutan Fyah & Jahdan Blaakamoore
  5. Market Ram
  6. Bad Boy
  7. BMW (Black Man Wagon)
  8. Baby Boom
  9. Trim To Rass
  10. Hail The King feat. Dada Yute
  11. Fake Friends
  12. For Mama
  13. Once Upon A Time
  14. Better Than Liqour
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Reggae Musik has incorporated the fringes of other genres with varying degrees of success over the decades. Thus far, 2014 has been a year of Royal roots; straight no chaser! Perfect Giddimani's eighth release "Better Off Dread" cleverly embraces his innovative style with everything from Rock to Hip Hop and the results are upright convincing and full of Fyah. Hawaii's Jah Youth Productions continues it's wave of releasing message music that defines and refines. The recent critical acclaim of Rob Symeonn's "Indigenious" is a prime example of the past, present and future of this label...

Perfect Giddimani(Greg Rose) was born on March 26, 1980 in Bamboo,(St.Anns) Jamaica. He cut his first track as Little Ninja before settling on Perfect Giddimani (Armigedeon Morning). After honing his skills at Trend Setter Sound System (Bamboo); he burst on the scene with "Handcart Bwoy" (2005). His debut set "Giddimani" sizzled and he has thrilled Creation with a fiery stage presence and instant classics like "Born Dead With Life" (2008) "French Connection" (2009) and last year's "Over The Top" (House Of Riddim). Currently on an international tour; we will be treated to his ninth release on the Irie Ites label(recorded in one week in Le Mans,France). The future looks good for this Bobo Dread.

"Better Off Dread" can be considered as a collection of experience that he has been exposed to during his many travels throughout Creation. It showcases his links with Switzerland's Weedy G Sound Force, Austria's House Of Riddim, Sly & Robbie, Rumble Rock Recordz, New World Sounds and Sweden's Jonahgold Music. A great pool of talent that Jah Youth (Jeffrey Boehler) has assembled for this project. The set blazes open with the title track. Over a solid riddim from Rumble Rock massive (Jimmy Cui/Lawrence Mendoza/King Asad and guitarist Tuff Lion), Perfect makes a powerful statement about the betterment of his life with a falsetto to chanting style that brings back "French Connection" memories. Like Marley is not for Giddimani purists but his ingenuity makes it work. A New World Sounds offering rife with Rock riffs and obscure beats; Giddimani rides it with pure lyricism. Mind you dis, take a few listens to capture the vibes. Awake is a lively affair over a Sly & Robbie and Taxi Gang riddim. It has global appeal with Bubbler Waul's ethereal key work and superior chanting and backing vox from Giddimani. Boomshot! Revolution Come is three the hard way. With Lutan Fyah and Jahdan Blaakamoore, these mighty three chant down global corruption over a Hip Hop infused platform. A standout is Market Ram. Produced by Pascal Barro's Weedy G Sound Force, we are transported to "Gussie" Clarke's quality that dominated the late 80's. Giddimani shows up like a true veteran about bringing the farm's bounty to the marketplace. Rewind fe real!! Bad Boy (first single released early this year) continues the magic. Sam Gilly and House Of Riddim are in top form. The versatility shows up hard and is Dancehall tight w/great chorus and hooks. Harks memories of his debut set. BMW is a crisp track and a clever insight of how Babylon sights a Rastaman who has done well for himself.

Baby Boom is a boomshot! Weedy G Sound Force delivers a great Steely/Clevie atmosphere and Giddimani supplies a bouncing delivery. A playful take on a serious matter. Pure genius. Giddimani purists will be well pleased and satisfied with Hail The King w/Dada Yute. Jonahgold, Daniel Spahni and Desmond Foster (Daweh Congo's "Ghetto Skyline" and Rob Symeonn's "Indigenious") provide a solid riddim that's mixed by Jimmy Cui and Jah Youth. The chanter gives us his classic style and Brazil's Dada Yute adds a humble dimension. Listen closely and you'll hear reference to Michael Jackson's "We Are The World". Brilliant!! Trim To Rass is Fyah on a different level. It's a riddim with a slight Soul II Soul texture and Giddimani kills it! This is an emotionally charged Giddimani whose delivery is intelligent spitfire about the true symbolism of dreadlocks. Wow!! For My Mama turns out to be one of the finest tracks here. Over a deeply rooted riddim, he gives a fiery yet passionate delivery that permeates the soul. Giddimani has put out a heap of Ganja anthems and Better Than Liquor can close the debate that the Herb's benefits outweigh the booze. Great observation, great delivery, great lyrics.

"Better Off Dread" is a workout of the senses. Of Giddimani's eight albums, this is in the upper echelon. The way that other musical styles are intertwined is amazing. Not many artists could pull off what he has done. You will be surprised fe real but not disappointed. Seek out this adventure of the senses. Highly recommended. GO DEH!!