Journey Of 1000 Miles
Perfect Giddimani
Dynasty Records
May 28, 2012

Journey of 1000 Miles - Perfect Giddimani Track list
  1. Journey Of 1000 Miles
  2. Mama Africa
  3. Roots For Me
  4. My Chronic
  5. Dinner Time
  6. One Week
  7. Sundays And Mondays
  8. Real Life feat. Bobby Hustle
  9. Warriors
  10. What Come Good
  11. Roll With The Billionaires
  12. Hold On
  13. Should I
  14. Rain Fall
  15. Sonny Boy
  16. Happy
  17. Comin' Home
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Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 3 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Perfect Giddimani (born Greg Rose) is a rising Bobo Dread whose distinct style and fashion has distanced himself from counterparts Sizzla, Jah Mason or Turbulence. "Mr.Perfect" cut his teeth as youth under the name "Little Ninja", changing to the aforementioned title due to his attention to detail in the studio and stage. After dee-jaying for Trendsetter Soundsystem in his country town of Bamboo (Parish of St.Anns), he stirred the nation with the electric "Handcart Bwoy" in 2005. As a result, Tad's records released "Giddimani" the next year to critical acclaim. In 2008, he released "Born Dead With Life"; a tour-de-force that defined his career. His vocal range and maturity has flourished with 2008's "French Connection", the ultra rare "Karma" and last year's "Back For The First Time".

Perfect has come back again with "Journey of 1000 Miles". Presumbly recorded, mixed and mastered at Seattle's Dynasty Records; all instrumentation is credited to Michael Gore and Dan Grossman. There is saving grace with sax work from Dean "809" Fraser and backing vox by rising star Lymie Murray. The opening and title track is perfection with a bubbling riddim and urgent lyrics and approach that is Giddimani's trade. Mama Africa is a foray into traditional African riddim giving thanx to The Motherland. Unfortunately, Roots For Me juggles a computerized dancehall style that doesn't fit here. He has handled "hi-grade" anthems in the past and does just that with My Chronic. The album continues inna roots vein for the next few tracks; dealing with staying ital to Rasta ideaology. Sadly, things take a turn for the duration of the tracks. With the exception of Should I and the Dean Fraser infused Rain Fall, vocoders, experimental beats and sub par production finish out this yah one.

Perfect Giddimani has strong credentials with previous releases and a blazing stage presence. He has always used real instrumentation and not masked his powerful voice with digi stylee. Even though these trademarks are not here; the good tracks are worth it. No discredit to this rising Lion but this yah listener hopes Perfect goes "Back To The First Time".