Reggae Farm Work
Perfect Giddimani
Irie Ites Records
CD / Digital Release
March 2, 2016

Track list
  1. Nigerian Girl
  2. River Jordan
  3. Never Forget Jah
  4. Wonderful People
  5. Showbiz
  6. S.T.F.U
  7. On My Corner
  8. Poorman
  9. Back To Black
  10. Reason
  11. A.S.A.P feat. Burnin’ Spectacular
  12. Marcus Fi Us
  13. Straight To My Heart
  14. Nobody Knows
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
"Reggae Farm Work" is the title of Perfect Giddimani's ninth studio album, the follow up to his 2014 released "Better Off Dread" set. For his previous albums the Jamaican singjay, who gained worldwide recognition with his smash hit "Hand Cart Bwoy", has worked with a variety of producers/record labels including Irievibrations Records, DHF Records and House Of Riddim from Austria, Lustre Kings from the U.S., and Tiger Records from Jamaica/France. His most recent album sees him teaming up with the mighty Irie Ītes from Le Mans, France, a sound system, production house and record label that has firmly established itself in the European Reggae Dancehall scene in the past 15 years.

With his previous albums, Perfect Giddimani (earlier in his career known as Mr. Perfect and Perfect) has proven that he's a somewhat unpredictable artist, because vocally and musically he doesn't limit himself to a specific style. And thus we're - again - treated to an album that features Perfect Giddimani with a variety of different styles. However, that doesn't imply that the artist has left his roots behind! When he delivers a song that incorporates elements of Soul, Hip-Hop or even Dubstep, there's always a connection with Reggae music. And that's good!

The album starts off with "Nigerian Girl", which - in some respects - is a slow starter. It's a lovers tune, delivered across a real nice slow-paced riddim, and even though this track isn't a very impressive effort it slowly but surely grows on you. Next comes the powerful "River Jordan", which is one of the album's finest moments. The riddim has a wicked bassline and great horns, while the lyrics keep you involved. The spiritual "Never Will Forget" takes off in a real good way, but then about twenty times hearing "Never Will, Never Will, Never Will, Never Will Forget Jah" spoils the listening pleasure a bit. Thankfully "Wonderful People", underpinned by Mafia & Fluxy's 2010 relick of The Heptones' classic "Party Time" riddim, makes a far better impression.

Things really pick up with the soulful "Showbiz", and although it instantly grabbed our attention, it still took some time to really appreciate this tune. Now it's definitely one of our favourite tracks. Hip-Hop vibes are brought in for "S.T.F.U", an agressive sounding slice, and "On My Corner". In particular the latter is a real killer. Back to pure Reggae vibes with "Poorman", a social commentary that keeps the intensity going. This also goes for the fantastic "Back To Black", a song that even outmatches "Poorman". Also strong is "Reason" across the "Murda Dem" riddim, a relicked version of Barrington Levy's "Murderer" from 1984. Don't overlook "ASAP" either, as this effort is truly worth hearing.

In 2004 and then in 2013, Perfect Giddimani came up with "Talk Black Marcus" (Downsound Records) and "Marcus Garvey" (House Of Riddim), two excellent tributes to the legendary leader, and here he does it again with the massive "Marcus Fi Us". It looks like no Perfect Giddimani album can do without a herbalist tune, and so there's "Straight To Mi Heart" on the infectious "Soulful Spirit" riddim... pure niceness! And then the album comes to and end with the fully satisfying "Nobody Knows" across Irie Ites most recent riddim called "World War III".

All in all "Reggae Farm Work" has enough great moments to make it a worthwhile purchase.