A Song (2010 Reissue)
Pablo Moses
Socadisc/Grounded Music/House Of Moses/Acoustic Music
November 21, 2010

Pablo Moses Track list
  1. A Song
  2. Dubbing Is A Must
  3. Revolutionary Step
  4. Music Is My Desire
  5. Each Is A Servant
  6. One People
  7. Lets Face It
  8. Protect I/A Song (Reprise)
  9. Dubbing Is A Must (12" version)
  10. Super Steppin Dub
  11. Dub Is My Desire
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Pablo Moses burst onto the reggae scene in 1975 with the puzzling song "I Man A Grasshopper" from his debut album 'Revolutionary Dream'. The song title refers the title character of the then popular television series Kung Fu though it tells the story of a drunken ex-cop who turns in a ganja-smoking singer. It was an enormous hit in both Jamaica and England, but Moses himself remained fairly unknown.

He was born Pablo Henry in the rural Manchester part of Jamaica. But for two years spent in New York City, he remained a country boy until his desire to perform became too strong. Moses got his start performing with informal school bands. He and chum Don Prendes eventually formed the Canaries, which remained his back-up group, and began performing at talent shows. They also auditioned for Duke Reid and at Dodd's Studio One with little success. Following the success of "I Man A Grasshopper", Moses released a few more singles, including "We Should Be In Angola" but for some reason, they did better in England than they did in Jamaica. The song "Give I Fe I Name" was an exception. "Revolutionary Dream" was acclaimed, but it brought him little profit and Moses decided to back off from the music scene for a while.

During this time, he spent two years studying at the Jamaica School of Music. It was there that he gathered a new group of musicians and began performing at night clubs, theaters and on campus. They also made a television show that was quite popular in Jamaica. In 1980, Moses returned to reggae with 'A Song', (1980) an innovative album produced by Moses and Geoffery Chung that was recorded in Jamaica using the island's finest session players and the remixed in London. The result was a multi-layered blend of roots and sophisticated international reggae that many consider Moses' masterpiece. After the release of that album Moses gained a strong following in Jamaica, Europe, North America and Japan. Moses' Rastafarian themes, the crusade against injustice, inequality, greed, racism, war, and the pillage of nature were and are universal in their scope. With his revolutionary lyrics that are sociologically, political and culturally connected he is well known all over the wotrld.

Producer Chung produced a follow-up, "Pave the Way". Since then he continues recording and has toured extensively in Canada, U.S.A. South America, Central America, Europe, Scandinavia and the Caribbean.

Pablo Moses is one of the artists who have been struggling to regain control of their catalogue. Like Burning Spear many of the tracks were produced by some shady Jamaican producer and the copyrights were not in the hands of the artist most of the times. Now that Pablo Moses succeeded in regaining control he thought it was time to bring out a reissue of 2 of his most successful albums ever. After the reissue of "Revolutionary Dream" comes "A Song" from 1980, originally released on the Island and Penetrate labels. It's a typical 70's roots album with a coherent selection of tunes. Personal favourites here are the title track, which is an awesome piece of timeless music and the same goes for Dubbing Is A Must. The 12" version of the latter is included as well on this excellent reissue.

The reissue is remastered by Jim Fox in his famous studio and contains 3 extra tracks.