Album review
Come Together
Poor Man Friend
Poor Man Friend
February 19 - 2005

Tracking list

  1. Rule This World
  2. Make It Up
  3. 666
  4. Paradise
  5. Dollar Kill
  6. Come Together
  7. Place Pon Fire
  8. Jah Watch I
  9. No Escape
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The core foundation of Poor Man Friend started with two reggaefanatics during the 80’s, named Howard & Kila. At the end of the 80’s they raised the idea of getting a reggaeband together. The band works with several vocalists using its own riddims as well as parts of recognizable Jamaican riddims in one melting pot introducing PMF's own recognizable show. The name Poor Man Friend stands for : Poor because Reggae music is poor in the Netherlands (i.e hardly airplay). Man where we recall upon mankind to heal the nation by building a strong base for brotherhood and oneness. Friendship to create harmony amongst one another. Let us come together! Experienced musicians they are as most members have a firm acquaintance with Reggae for many years. Like so many people in Europe this music from the cradle "Jamaica" has a the positive vibration with each individual bandmember. PMF got inspired by listening to HOURS and HOURS of Reggae music with this typical reggae-sound by the session backing band that ought to be considered as one of Jamaica's best ever, called the 'Roots Radics'.
The band works with several artists who lift up their own lyrics on the powerful Reggae backline of this band using old school Reggae riddims still being used in Jamaica today. After three successful years and a great line up of Dutch Reggae artists, the band worked hard to get the debut album done in 2002. This album proved to be the fundament for Poor Man Friend as a session band. It’s real Reggae how it is meant to be. Loved by most of the hardcore Reggae fans in more generations. The band worked temporary with guest artists named Don Cudjo, a perfect singjay for the Roots Reggae part, recorded on the debut Album. Today the live shows continue featuring artists like Jah Prince, who did a very great Reggae live special for VPRO Radio in 1994 using popular Reggae riddems of that time with Dutch lyrics like “Gebruik geen cocaine” and “Heftig Verliefd”. Beside Jah Prince they have Ras Elijah and Zappo Star who won the great price of the Netherlands with his band Super and the all Stars in 1991. These front men get strong support by Missrah and Lady K-Wida, the two female vocalists in the collective. Now it’s 2005 and the band's 2nd album "Come Together" is out on the streets now!
The nine track album sees the band in good shape, performing mostly roots and culture tunes, lyrically dealing with themes such as togetherness, crime, guidance and love. The music is firmly rooted into the musical heritage of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse and Burning Spear. No digital, hardcore dancehall riddims here, just easy skanking good time reggae riddims, except for 666 which comes across a nice ska flavoured riddim. There's a complete horns section added to spice up the music. The tune Place On Fire is a kind of tribute to the dancehall, based upon a classic ska/reggae riddim, and features Jah Prince as a full proof toaster. Guest vocalist (Dutch) Luciano makes a truly solid impression on Jah Watch I. Further noteworthy tunes are Rule This World, a massive tribute to Mother Earth, but also a warning about the way people are treating here. Dollar Kill (check the intro!) is also a tune worthwhile spinning, just like Paradise which is a damn good lovers tune. The album is recorded live in the Polytrax (Black & White) Multi track studio in Zeewolde, the Netherlands.
A must have for those who are in favor of good time, one drop reggae music!

Teacher & Mr. T.