The Rebirth
Pablo Moses
Grounded Music
May 11, 2010

Pablo Moses Track list
  1. Born To Be Bad
  2. So Much
  3. Mama Yeah (Africa)
  4. Jah Will Make A Way
  5. Got to Make A Way
  6. Guns
  7. They Can't Undo
  8. More Than You Can Chew
  9. Can Make A Living
  10. We Have The Capability
  11. Jah Is Watching You
  12. Don't Drop Out
  13. Have To Leave
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Pablo Moses, born Pablito Henry, 28 June 1948, Manchester, Jamaica, West Indies got his start performing with informal school bands. He and chum Don Prendes eventually formed the Canaries, which remained his back-up group, and began performing at talent shows. They also auditioned for Duke Reid and at Dodd's Studio One with little success. Pablo Moses made his debut recording in 1975 with the puzzling song "I Man A Grasshopper". The song title refers to the title character of the then popular television series Kung Fu though it tells the story of a drunken ex-cop who turns in a ganja-smoking singer. It was immediately evident that an extraordinary talent was at work, an impression that was sustained by the release of "We Should Be In Angola" (1976), produced by Clive Hunt. His first album, "Revolutionary Dream", was released in 1977, and it still stands as a genuine mid-70s reggae classic. Moses' detached delivery of his parable-like songs coalesced with Geoffrey Chung's brilliant production and arrangements to form a truly remarkable whole.

"Revolutionary Dream" was acclaimed, but it brought him little profit and Moses decided to back off from the music scene for a while. During this time, he spent two years studying at the Jamaica School of Music. It was there that he gathered a new group of musicians and began performing at night clubs, theatres and on campus. Two further excellent albums under Chung's supervision followed, "A Song" and "Pave The Way". Moses then decided to produce himself, but was unable to sustain the quality of his previous releases. Pablo Moses remains one of the most original out-spoken roots reggae artist in Jamaica after more than 20 years, still throwing out lyrics that is sociologically, political and culturally connected. Pablo Moses has toured extensively in Canada, U.S.A., South America, Central America, Europe and Scandinavia and some Caribbean countries and gained a strong reputation as a live performer.

Years later this veteran still has got the real 'vibes'. I saw him last year in Brussels in the Vaartkapoen. It was a fabulous show! Being one of the first reggae artists I ever heard when I was still younger, Pablo Moses always made a strange impression on me. He had something mystical. A unique sound that cannot be compared to any other reggae artist ever. His mix of the old roots, rub a dub and modern 80's keyboard sounds make the perfect mix to drink your daily cocktail on any beach in the world.

I recently received a promo copy of his new album "The Rebirth" and I must admit I was very curious about this album. At first my impressions were not that great, but after a while the CD was on constant repeat in my car. With the fabulous drum & bass of Sly & Robbie and the unique sound of the Korg M1. More Then You Can Chew is my favourite track. Other tracks you can't miss are Jah Will Make A Way and the opening track Born To Be Bad. On board are musicians such as drum & bass masters Sly & Robbie, saxophonist Dean Fraser, percussionists Skully and Sticky Thompson, keyboardists Robert Lyn and Franklin 'Bubbler' Waul and guitarist Dwight Pinckney.