Album review
Power Of The Trinity
Israel Vibration
RAS Records-Munich
Three CD Box

Tracking list

Disc 1 : Apple Vibes

  1. We A Deh Rasta
  2. Why You So Craven
  3. Middle East
  4. Don't Want Apartheid
  5. There Is No End
  6. Reggae On The River
  7. Live In Jah Love
  8. Falling Angels
  9. Racial Injustice
  10. Rude Boy Shufflin'
  11. Mud Up
  12. Solomon Bloodline
  13. Interviews and Reasoning

Disc 2 : Wiss Vibes

  1. Licks and Kicks
  2. Universal Father
  3. Cool and Calm
  4. Greedy Dog
  5. Vultures
  6. Jailhouse Rockin'
  7. Poor Man Cry
  8. Soldiers of Jah Army
  9. Naw Give Up The Fight
  10. Mr. Consular Man
  11. Hard Road
  12. Get Up and Go
  13. Interviews and Reasoning

Disc 3 :Skelly Vibes

  1. Why Worry
  2. The Same Song
  3. Highway Robbery
  4. Payday
  5. Perfect Love and Understanding
  6. Strength of My Life
  7. On The Rock
  8. Racial Discrimination
  9. Red Eyes
  10. Thank You Jah
  11. Feelin' Irie
  12. Livity In The Hood
  13. Interviews and Reasoning
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Few bands have touched the hearts and consciousness of its fans like Israel Vibration has. Few bands can say they came together in as unique a way as Israel Vibration did. Since the day the trio decided to form a reggae vocal group they have fought for their abiding belief in Rastafari. Being victims of the polio epidemic that swept Jamaica in the late '50s, the trio has gained much support over the years. Their unique brand of of gentle rural sounding harmonies and conscious Rasta lyrics has consolidated their reputation as one of the best vocal harmony trios in the business, with regular releases, mostly on the RAS label. Their staying power as a trio for over twenty years is a testament to the group's capacity to work as one to express their spirituality and reflections of everyday life with boundless wisdom and optimism. During Israel Vibration's career as a trio, they suffered the perils of poverty and homelessness and emerged as international reggae stars, never losing the true vibrations of humility and faith which propelled them from the bush, into studios and onto world stages. This wonderful three cd box set ( each disc is also available for individual sale ) is an overview of Skelly, Apple and Wiss's career together as Israel Vibration, each Vibes disc featuring his signature songs with the other members singing harmonies. What makes this release far more interesting than other box sets is the fact that every track is introduced by the songwriter as a seperate track, providing reasoning for the subsequent song, and each singer's disc is concluded with a 15-25 minute interview that provides not only interesting facts behind the whole Israel Vibration story, but intriguing stories of survival and personal development as well which can't help but galvanize the unsuspecting listener. Furthermore the interviews and songs are fully transcribed in the individual CD sleeves, while the splendid box booklet contains tour memorabilia and testimonies from people who have worked with Israel Vibration over the years.
The songs on the three cd's are drawn from the following releases : The Same Song (1978) - Unconquered people (1980) - Why You So Craven (1982) - Strength Of My Life (1988) - Praises (1990) - Forever )1991) - IV (1993) - On The Rock (1995) - Free To Move (1996) - Pay The Piper (1998). Any Israel Vibration fan will know and love most of the tunes performed here. The three discs are filled with strictly killer tunes, that's why it's impossible to point out standouts. Everyone will pick out his/her own personal tunes, and there are a few featured here ! As you might notice there are no dubs featured here, which is a slight imperfection, as the dubs of the Israel Vibration songs are historical and noteworthy add-ons to the vocal tracks.
Apart from this slight imperfection, the three cd box is an historical event in the history of the most consistent roots'n'culture trio in reggae music. Together with Joseph Hill (aka Culture) the band has influenced the face of reggae music over the past 25 years, releasing crucial albums and singles and touring the world extensively.
This release can be an excellent introduction to anyone (are there any ??) who is not yet familiar with the works of Israel Vibration, and the longtime fans will get a perfect overview of the history of their favorite band.

Teacher & Mr. T.