Powers Of Creation
Anthony B
On The Corner/Nocturne-Munich
September 11, 2004

Track list
  1. Send Them Come
  2. Stand Guard
  3. Rootsman
  4. Powers Of Creation
  5. Words Of Purity
  6. One God
  7. Work Hard
  8. Intermission by DYCR
  9. Got It Going On
  10. Have Faith
  11. Do Something For The Poor
  12. Gimme The Weed feat Mr Vegas
  13. Nothing Like Love
  14. I Like Your Style feat. Ruty
  15. Jah Calling
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
From Frenchie’s Maximum Sound comes a new Anthony B selection featuring musicians such as Steve "Lenky" Marsden, Mafia & Fluxy, Richard "Shams" Browne, Dalton Browne, Steven Stanley, Paul "Wrong Move" Crossdale, Donald Dennis, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare and Ward 21's Andre "Suku" Gray. After performing with church and school choirs throughout his youth, Keith Blair aka Anthony B made his debut as a deejay with the local sound system Shaggy Hi-Power. Relocating to Portmore in 1988, he befriended fellow aspiring deejays including Determine, Mega Banton and Ricky General, issuing his debut record "The Living Is Hard" in 1993. Teaming with producer Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail, Anthony B. notched a series of hits including was "Repentance Time," "Fire pon Rome," "Rumour" and "Raid Di Barn" before releasing his first full-length album "Real Revolutionary" in 1996. This album caused a stir and brought him to the attention of an international audience. Since then the "Original Fireman" has done quite a bit with over a hundred recorded songs under his belt and albums and compilations with numerous labels, but unfortunately the consistency was fleeting.

"Powers Of Creation" is the result of his teaming with producer Frenchie, who is known for producing roots music as well as hardcore dancehall. So, we are not taken by surprise that this set contains a mix of brutal dancehall beats and rootsy tracks. The latter form the bulk of the best material here, highlighted by recent single "Stand Guard", "Rootsman (on a lick of Bunny Wailer's "Rule Dancehall"), "Powers Of Creation" (on a wicked version of Johnny Osbourne's Studio One killer "Truth & Rights"), "Words Of Purity" (on the revitalized "Here I Come / Revolution" riddim), the excellent "One God", the binghi flavoured message tune "Do Something For The Poor" and "Nothing Like Love" (utilizing a version of Ernest Wilson's classic "I Know Myself"). All these tracks find Anthony B in suitably fiery mood. With hardcore dancehall tracks such as "Work Hard", "Got It Going On", Jah Calling, and the combination tunes "Gimme The Weed" and "I Like Your Style" Frenchie tries to maintain a balance. However, history has learnt that Anthony B mostly doesn't excel when he delivers these kinda efforts, and here it's once again confirmed.