The Pow Pow Triology
Turbulence, Jah Mason & Anthony B.
Pow Pow Productions - Groove Attack
February 12, 2008

Jah Mason - Pow Pow Triology Track list
  1. Balance - Turbulence
  2. Ruff & Tuff - Jah Mason
  3. Time For The Love - Anthony B.
  4. Let's Try - Turbulence
  5. Flag Flown High - Jah Mason
  6. Runaround Girl - Anthony B.
  7. Rest A Show - Turbulence
  8. Too Much Youth Dying- Jah Mason
  9. No Trust In Vanity - Anthony B.
  10. No Time To Waist - Turbulence
  11. Nah Push It - Jah Mason
  12. Come Back - Anthony B.
  13. Ethiopia Awakes - Turbulence
  14. I Gave You My Loving - Jah Mason
  15. The System - Anthony B.
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Germany's most popular soundsystem, the mighty Pow Pow Movement in the last couple of years have made a big impression with their productions, 'Celebrate', the outstanding new version of Leslie Kong's riddim used for Desmond Dekker's big international archetypical rude-boy summer hit from 1967, fully benefiting from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)', the wicked live one-drop-riddim 'Blaze', the superb 'Superior'- riddim, the aimed at the bashment massive 'Gladiator', and the very nice new roots riddims 'First Sight' and 'Overstand'. These productions resulted in 7 excellent one riddim sets, "Shanty Town", "Blaze", "Superior", "Gladiator", "Celebrate", "First Sight" and six months ago in "Overstand". Lately Pow Pow also released their second one-artist album (following 2006's satisfying "King Of Kings" from Elijah Prophet, Zareb's convincing debut album "Authentic Love". And now, entering 2008, Ingo Rheinbay has released two new roots 7" selections, 'Ruff & Tuff' and 'Follow' and releases this album "The Pow Pow Triology" concentrating on 3 often on Pow Pow riddims featured Bobo singjays; Turbulence, Jah Mason and Anthony B, contributing some already earlier released tunes and tunes on the just mentioned 2 latest Pow Pow riddims and 2 more fresh riddims.

This set opens with Turbulence' tune across the 'Follow'-riddim "Balance" (a riddim that seems to be heavily inspired by Pow Pow's own very successful 'Celebrate'-riddim - to which I linked it first when reviewing Gentleman's "Dutty Heart" across it on the "Different Places EP" - with which he shows being inspired once more by Ingo's riddims, followed by Jah Mason's tune across the other new 2008 Pow Pow riddim (although it appeared first under Elijah Prophet's "Johnny" on his 2006 album) "Ruff & Tuff" which is the smoother and less uptempo one of these two riddims, being a perfect backdrop however for Jah Mason's call to keep the faith. Anthony B's "Time For The Love" over 2003's relick of Desmond Dekker's 'Shanty Town' from 2003 is the first of the earlier releases included on this album, with both Turbulence's "Ethiopia Awakes" and Jah Mason's "Too Much Youth Dying" being included as well, before Turbulence delivers his "Let's Try" heavily autotuned over a very fine new (yet unknown) bass heavy roots riddim and Jah Mason contributes the very upful "Flag Flown High" over another strong new riddim.

Four more older (but no less stronger) tunes follow, Anthony B's excellent "Runaround Girl" over 2004's 'Superior'-riddim, Turbulence's "Rest A Show" over the great 'Blaze'-riddim from the same year, Jah Mason's brilliant take on '(007) Shanty Town' "Too Much Youth Dying" and Anthony B's very strong "No Trust In Vanity" over 'First Sight'. Turbulence rides the same riddim Jah Mason used for "Flag Flown High" convincingly for "No Time To Waist" before Jah Mason rides my favourite riddim of this set 'Follow' for his strong "Nah Push It" and Anthony B once more (as he seems to be inspired to do so on Pow Pow productions) turns to a lovers theme as well for his plea to his former lady "Come Back" across the 'Ruff & Tuff'-riddim. Jah Mason rides the bass heavy new roots riddim used for "Let's Try" for his magnificent "I Gave You My Loving" before Anthony B closes this set with his fine 'Blaze'-tune "The System" showcasing both the strength and weakness of this set. On the one hand, all the older tunes included are killer and not filler material, yet there's everychance you own them if you're interested in Pow Pow's productions and nine unreleased tunes are claimed, but if you counted with me, there are seven tracks released already, making this CD - of which the title leaves you guessing whether it's clever wordplay or misspelling - a (very) good buy for the unreleased eight tunes and I must add an obligatory one for all roots aficionados who don't own any of these excellent tunes Anthony B, Jah Mason or Turbulence recorded for Pow Pow Movement.