In One Accord EP
Puma Ptah
Honest Music
Digital Release
May 30, 2015

Track list
  1. One
  2. Prudence
  3. Business Of Confusion
  4. Upright
  5. Home
  6. One Dub (Y & D Duke Production Mix)
  7. Upright Dub (Laurent "Tippy I" Alfred - I Grade Dub Mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Washington DC's Honest Music, a roots reggae production house and record label founded by reggae singer Christos DC and keyboarder Darryl "D-Trane" Burke's, seems to go from strength to strength with their releases. After last year's "Long Road" by Christos DC himself and then "Riddim Of Life" by Kenyatta Hill, it's now Puma Ptar's "In One Accord EP" that demands full attention!

Born Christopher Smith in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, and formerly known as Ras Puma, Puma Ptah moved to Virginia where he joined several Virginia based bands which eventually lead to joining the renowned Washington DC based Thievery Corporation. He was featured on their 2011 "Culture Of Fear" album with songs like "Overstand" and "False Flag Dub" and also toured with the group, thus gaining more experience. In 2012 he was featured on the Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation produced self-titled debut album of The Archives with tracks such as "Who's Correct", "More To Life", "Sensibility" and more.

In 2013 he moved back to St. Thomas temporarily in search for a change of pace from the city life and for inspiration for future solo projects. In 2014 after an official 8 year journey and commitment, Puma decided to take the Ras off his artist title and move forward from the faith. At the end of the year he took a solo trip to India that convinced him to change his perspectives on humanity in general, identity and music. In 2015 he added the title "Ptah" which generally represented craftsmanship and the creativity of artisans in Kemetic society, but originated with the ability to transform raw scattered thoughts and ideas, and manifest a dynamic use of organized words and thoughts.

While Puma Ptah is still recording tracks for the upcoming Thievery Corporation album, he also works on solo efforts as is shown with the release of the "In One Accord EP". The latter takes off in great roots style with the previously released single "One", musically and lyrically a marvelous tune that sets the tone for the rest of this EP. Pure consciousness, with spirituality shining through. Next comes "Prudence", a beautiful message tune across a meditative riddim that instantly catches your attention and keeps you mesmerized. "Business Of Confusion" is an absolutely gorgeous effort with lyrics to match. Truly outstanding!! This also goes for "Upright", another excellent tune included on this EP and further proof of the great songwriting skills of Puma Ptah.
Freedom will come on the act of self reliance
Corporations grow, in result of our compliance
Purchase base off ah need and not just desire
Under Sankara they made brands, with native hands
No obligation to a foreign supplier
Well he who feeds you, controls you
The way you move and how you think
Would you believe me, if I told you
They would privatize the water that you drink
A polyarchy disguised in democracy
The unseen, the obscene
Tell Monsanto flee off of meh property
And mek dem know that dem just buk up in
Some Upright man well and some Upright Woman...
Capitalism, is de high priest
Converting all to follow suit
A private prison, is one of my least
Favorite tricks weh dem pull on de youth
Exclude I from your dead income tax
Your debt provoked by greed is a bottomless pit
Oh what a day when we start to react
And dem find out, that dem just buk up in
Some Upright man well and some Upright Woman...
(You) silenced Sankara, Lumumba
Gaddafi, Garvey and Mr. X
Took place in the daylight
That put the shine on your grin
The wounds are deep but your ways are not complex
What is the base of the grudge on the melanated ones
(Their) views of home is distorted thanks to you
You tried to turn the lights out
With a black face in the White House
I have no Uncle Sam and I'm no tool
"Home", the fifth and last vocal cut here, is a song that speaks to the listener on a personal level. Although musically it doesn't have the same appeal as the previous tracks, it's a solid piece worth hearing. "One Dub", the dub version of the opening track, has been expertly mixed by Yves & David D. Duke aka the Duke Brothers, who are members of the Swiss trio The Giants and founders of the Duke Production label. The duo already worked with the people of Honest Music before as they did the dub mix of "Pressure Drop Dub", featured on Kenyatta Hill's "Riddim Of Life" album. I Grade Records' Laurent "Tippy I" Alfred not only is responsible for the mastering of this EP, he also did a real good job with "Upright Dub", a wicked dub version of "Upright" that rounds off this collection and leaves the listener longing for more.

Highly recommended!!!