Art Of Dub
Pablo RasteR
Elastica Records
Digital Release
October 31, 2015

Track list
  1. Word, Sound And Power feat. Dan I
  2. Rejoice feat. Barry Isaacs
  3. Love Your Life feat. MrDill Lion Warriah
  4. Art Of Dub feat. Sandro Paradisi
  5. An Lè Bolèt feat. Natty Sly
  6. Manipulation feat. Valentina Benaglia
  7. Manipulation Dub
  8. Barumba
  9. Open Up Your Mind
  10. Enemies
  11. Battle Of Megiddo feat. Violinbwoy
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Dub music is booming in Europe and thus also in Italy, the homeland of singer, musician and producer Pablo RasteR. Although he's totally unknown to us, he might be well known among real dubheads as he has produced 7 albums and has performed more than 800 concerts in and outside Italy since he started playing reggae and dub in the year 2000. He worked with artists like Madaski (Africa Unite, Dub Sync), Zion Train, Vlastur, Dziga, Ricc Frost, Kg Man and Kasia Malenda.

The June 2015 released "Art Of Dub", Pablo RasteR's first full length album, features guest appearances by international artists like Dan I, Barry Isaacs, MrDill Lion Warriah, Sandro Paradisi, Natty Sly, Valentina Benaglia, and Violinbwoy. These collaborations make this 11-track album of pure dub not only a strong collection, but also a well varied and utterly interesting set. The five vocalists and the addition of instruments like the accordion ("Art Of Dub"), sitar ("Open Up Your Mind"), and violin ("Battle Of Megiddo") create different moods and vibes, thus keeping the listener involved throughout. The mostly UK Steppers related soundscapes created by Pablo RasteR range from brutal and uncompromising (think "Barumba") to soft and melodic (think "Art Of Dub"). The album opens and rounds off with great tunes, featuring members of Italy's Imperial Sound Army; Dan I and Violinbwoy respectively. In between there are highlights like "Rejoice" featuring UK roots veteran Barry Isaacs, MrDill Lion Warriah's uplifting "Love Your Life", the aforementioned wonderful title track "Art Of Dub" featuring Sandro Paradisi's accordion play, and "Barumba" with its killer bassline.

This Pablo RasteR album treats the listener to tunes that are custom made for heavyweight sound systems that play a role in today's flourishing dub scene. Recommended stuff for anyone with an interest in the 'art of dub'.