Album review
Showcase Volume 2
Prezident Brown
Jahmani Productions
09 - 06 - 2002

Tracking list

Disc 1 - Can't Touch My Soul

  1. Can't Touch My Soul
  2. Chatty Mouth
  3. Got To Move
  4. Never Let Them Worry Me
  5. Work For Your Money
  6. Joyful Noise
  7. Cookie Jar
  8. Brain Food
  9. No M.I.A. (featuring U. Brown)
  10. War In A Town
  11. Be Wise
  12. Sperm Donor
  13. Trodding
  14. Fool Is Thirsty
  15. Watch Out
  16. Preserving Life
  17. Hear My Prayer (featuring Mellon P.)

Disc 2 - Prezident Selections

  1. Holy Land
  2. Talking Drum
  3. Heathen Chant
  4. Bun Down Rome
  5. Youthman featuring Mikey Spice
  6. Roots In The Music
  7. Prezident Selection
  8. Seduction featuring Mikey Spice
  9. Need Your Loving featuring Kareem Baaqi
  10. Johnny Was featuring Bunny Ruggs
  11. Soap Opera
  12. False Pretender
  13. Kick It Away
  14. Lethal Weapon
  15. Reality
  16. Open Sesame
  17. Roots And Culture featuring U Brown
  18. African Ting featuring Don Yute
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Jahmani Productions unleashes two double cd's, featuring the works of the Prez. Showcase Volume Two is a remastered 35 track double cd set comprising a brand new compilation of singles (some of them previously unreleased) called "Can't Touch My Soul" and CD2 is the album "Prezident Selection" with killer bonus tracks Holy Land and Talking Drum.
Prezident Brown belongs to the school of culture-oriented deejays which developed in the nineties, following on from the success of Tony Rebel. Born Fitz Albert Cotterell, he grew up in the north coast resort of Ocrabessa, where he began deejaying at the Bamboo Lounge with local sound King Stereo Mix. Initially known as Junior Ranking, he was soon called Slim Brown by veteran deejay Nicodemus, who spotted the influence of U Brown in the youngster's style. It was the late Jack Ruby who finally crowned him 'Prezident'. In 1986 Prezident Brown made his debut recording for Ochi label RG with a track called 'Dancehall Doctor'. Roughly two years later he linked up with Callo Collins, Barry O'Hare and Stephan Stewart at Grove Music, recording songs like 'Introducing Prezident Brown', 'Madly In Love' and 'Magnet & Steel'. Prior to Irie FM playing music by north coast acts, Brown transferred to Courtney Cole's 'Roof International' label, voicing 'Sound Ago Dead', 'Tears' and 'Everything's Right' (shared with Jack Radics and Professor Frisky). Once Irie FM was up and running he rejoined Barry O'Hare and the hits began to flow in earnest. On the "Prezident Selections" album for producer Barry O'Hare, who contributes a fair bit of the musicianship as well, Prezident Brown delivers a decent set of songs on solid riddims ranging from modern roots to jump-up ragga, making this undoubtedly a killer album. Standout tracks include: Heathen Chant (a cut which stands comparison with those by Tony Rebel, Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman on the same riddim), Bun Down Rome, Reality, the duet with Don Yute African Ting, Roots In The Music and Roots And Culture, the combination tune with his spiritual father U Brown. This album shows why Prezident Brown has been one of the most consistently interesting deejays to emerge in the 1990s.
The compilation on CD1 has a lot of goodies to offer. The first tune - Can't Touch My Soul - is a particularly strong track, but Chatty Mouth has equal musical qualities and makes you want to move your feet. Across the 'College Rock' riddim comes Got To Move, expertly produced by Barry O'Hare. These three tunes were previously unreleased. Producer Richard Bell delivers a wicked production effort with Work For Your Money and the same goes for the two Bobby Digital produced sides. Be Wise rides the 'Solomon' riddim and Cookie Jar is a truly topnotch song. Joyful Noise equals Cookie Jar and Brian Food sees the Prez riding the 'Lecture' riddim inna Barry O'Hare production. The Stingray production team delivers two contributions, the best being War In A Town across the 'Music Street' riddim. Sperm Donor was a firm hit for the Prez and Trodding is a great Computer Paul production across the revitalized 'M16' riddim. The compilation ends with a moving combination tune entitled Hear My Prayer, which the Prez does with Mellon P.
Showcase Volume Two has lots of deadly goods, all launched by Prezident Brown !

Teacher & Mr. T.