Survival Of The Fattest
Princy Fatty
August 4, 2008

Track list
  1. Curious feat. Little Roy
  2. The Fat Panther
  3. Meltdown
  4. Don't Give Up feat. Little Roy
  5. Cow Foot & Gravy
  6. Milk & Honey feat. Hollie Cook
  7. Mr Freeze
  8. Scorpio
  9. Big Man Cry feat. Winston Francis
  10. Switch Blade
  11. Milk & Honey In My Dub
  12. The Death Of Hercules feat. Mutant H-Fi
  13. Gin & Juice (Exclusive Bonus Track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Prince Fatty from the UK is a group put together by producer and engineer Mike Pelanconi, for the purpose of recording a limited-edition single for Stussy to celebrate their 25th anniversary. For this special occasion the follow up album titled "Survival Of The Fattest" has to be checked out. The Prince Fatty sound is designed to Dub your feet with Rocksteady beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazz-like way... delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk music. Mixed in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom hi-grade mixing console, Prince Fatty won't disappoint the fans of the 1970s sound.

The album kicks off with a Little Roy, Prince Fatty combination. Curious gives you an idea of the sweet riddim that is mostly used on the album, a great potential hit. The second tune The Fat Panther has a more dub/jazz influence of the same riddim used on the first tune. Meltdown has a real relaxing vibe coming with the song. The next riddim with an addition by Little Roy, Don't Give Up, is also a gem on this album. Cow Foot And Gravy has a more upbeat sound than the previous tracks. Milk And Honey featuring Hollie Cook is definitely a true chart song, no doubt we will see this coming up. Hollie Cook delivers a great job here. Check it out!

Coming to the second half of the album, the nice vibrations continue with Mr. Freeze. This is more of a dub song again. Scorpio is one of the heavier jazzy tunes. Another famous name on this album is Winston Francis, who shines on Big Man Cry, which is also a lovers tune. Switch Blade is one of the better dub/jazz tunes on the album. A lovely dub version of Milk And Honey called Milk And Honey In My Dub is also included. Coming back to the original riddim on The Death Of Hercules with Mutant Hi Fi, brings us a nice jazz/rocksteady/dub combination. The final tune is a hip hop influenced tune Gin And Juice, originally done by Snoop Dogg, which is a bit disappointing ending of this nice album.
A roots album with a lovers twist!