Prisoner In Babylon
Rising Rockers Universal Movement
July 21, 2009

Shakaroot Track list
  1. Prisoner In Babylon
  2. Free Up My People
  3. Jah Jah Guide
  4. Jah Bless This Home
  5. Prisoner In Dub
  6. Dubbing To Escape
  7. Rising Rockers Skank
  8. Jah Bless This Home Guitar Version
  9. Family
  10. Prisoner In Babylon (videoclip)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Anyone who has been paying any close attention to the world of Reggae in the past decade, undoubtably knows of the emergence of a few noteworthy artists from Europe including Gentleman, Ziggi and Alborosie. The latter is Italian by birth, and the same goes for the up and coming ShakaRoot. The "Prisoner In Babylon" album is a great introduction to ShakaRoot, a very talented young artist coming from the island of Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

From an early age ShakaRoot took interest in Reggae music, and very soon it became a passion and a true love which made him put all the enthusiasm that had infected his mind, body and soul, in every aspect of his favourite music, starting with playing guitar under the teachings of his older brother Federico (an appreciated Sardinian bluesman). Strongly inspired by Reggae masters such as Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Third World, Garnet Silk and Luciano, ShakaRoot began to put his own thoughts and ideas into his music. His first song "Jah Is Always Around", a self produced deep roots tune, was published on the internet in the summer of 2007, and, within a few weeks, some labels asked a collaboration, amongst them Macro Beats and Big Island Family. For the Macro Beats he recorded two songs, "We Need A Solution" and "Rise & Shine", while Big Island Family recorded the song "Freedom" on the "Sa Gana Riddim" with ShakaRoot (at that time aged 19) in the autumn of 2007. In less than two years on the music scene, he performed at more than 70 shows all over Sardinia and Italy.

And now there's his first album, featuring 5 vocal cuts by ShakaRoot and 4 dub versions by Sardinian alchemist, bluesman and dub producer King Kietu. The title track "Prisoner In Babylon" is a great song that is written with the intention to make people of all ages realize that millions of children sadly live in conditions of captivity, especially those who are forced to work and fight for the old people's businesses. It's followed by the powerful "Free Up My People", a freedom cry for the oppressed ones. "Jah Jah Guide" is underpinned by an one drop roots riddim 'inna old skool stylee' with the powerful horns section being the icing on the cake. Next drops the matching "Jah Bless This Home", rounding off the first, truly impressive part of this set.

Then King Kietu takes over the proceedings for the second part of the album. We can't deny that he contributes some real enjoyable and nice dub efforts, but all in all we would have been more satisfied when we were treated to more songs from ShakaRoot himself. But luckily there's the solid bonus track "Family" to round off an album that fully shows that ShakaRoot has nuff potential to become the next big name emerging from the European Reggae scene.