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Production Something

Tracking list

  1. Too long in slavery (previously unreleased alternate mix)
  2. Garvey (extended mix)
  3. Trod on featuring Jah Thomas (previously unreleased alternate mix)
  4. Weeping (extended mix)
  5. Production something featuring Grandpa Culture (extended mix)
  6. Payaka (previously unreleased alternate mix)
  7. Dog a go nyam dog (extended mix)
  8. Black rose (aka Stand up and fight) (extended mix)
  9. Children of Israel (extended alternate mix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

All tracks on this album were produced by Sonia Pottinger - the first female producer of Jamaica - with whom Joseph Hill and Culture made some excellent "roots & culture" music. Although most of the titles on the tracklisting may be well known to longtime reggae and Culture fans the songs on this album have never been collected before and feature a Jamaican phenomenon of the seventies known as the twelve inch mix, or more commonly, the disco mix. The twelve inch mix is basically the vocal performance attached to the dub version of the song, sometimes with the addition of a deejay part as well. "Production Something" features two examples of the latter with the extremely rare deejay outing by Joseph Hill (credited as Grandpa Culture) as a real surprise. This release captures Joseph Hill and Culture in the heydays of their career, when they were backed by the cream of the crop of Jamaican musicians and had reached a broader audience.
It not only provides excellent music from the late seventies by one of the cornerstones of roots reggae music, it is also a historical document as it gathers hard to find collector's items of this group. Furthermore it is an example of an innovative genre of records in reggae music that had great impact in other kinds of music as well. A praiseworthy initiative from HeartBeat Records which hopefully will be followed by similar releases. (We are eagerly awaiting the moment that someone re-releases Bunny Wailer's "Rock 'n' Groove" album on compact disc in its original form i.e. with the extended mixes)

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