Pursuit Of Happiness
New Sound Records / MacLes Music Factory
Digital Release
November 22, 2014

Track list
  1. Life In Your Hands
  2. Crying Hearts
  3. Billion Voices
  4. Mind Control
  5. Live Everyday
  6. Life Your Love
  7. Rich With Love feat. Timmi Burrell
  8. Man A Rebel
  9. Overcome feat. Icey Stanley
  10. Day Off
  11. Through A Blind Man's Eyes
  12. Warning feat. Damas
  13. Pursuit Of Happiness
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Total votes : 12
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Tmar Jermaine Millington, born in Linstead on the island of Jamaica, is a UK based multi-talented singer/songwriter, musician and producer, who has not only worked with internationally known artists such as Capleton, Charly Blacks and Little Hero, but also with numerous upcoming artists. So far he has released four juggling projects, which includes "Keep Walking Riddim", "Street Cleaner Riddim", "Fyah Starta Riddim" and the "3Wayz Riddim, while another 'one riddim' album "Puff Puff Riddim" was co-produced with his Belgian label partner and producer Marc Leys of MacLes Music Factory.

Music gets really interesting when an artist and his producer feel a strong need to leave the trodden paths of a genre and dare to go into new territories. Tmar, being both the artist and producer of "Pursuit Of Happiness", is a person who isn't afraid to cross musical borders as he fully showcases on this 13-track debut album. Hailing from Jamaica, it's obvious that Tmar's style, sound and also his production work is rooted in Reggae and Dancehall, but what sets him apart from most is his unique way of fusing that with other genres such as HipHop, R&B, Rock and Pop. This might be a problem for those who like to categorize music, but those who are open-minded when it comes to listen to music know that a genre has never been a very tidy category. Anyway, it makes "Pursuit Of Happiness" an interesting set to listen to as it probably contains tunes you either like or dislike.

We have to admit that we had to listen to "Pursuit Of Happiness" over and over again before we finally could draw the conclusion that this is a pretty good album. This indicates that this well varied collection has to grow on you. Of course, there are songs that instantly grab you and are so entertaining that you want to play them more than once, but others, like for example "Billion Voices", the title track "Pursuit Of Happiness" and the collaboration tunes "Overcome" and "Warning" with Icey Stanley and Damas respectively, need more time before you start to appreciate them. Highlights are the album opener "Life In Your Hands", which starts with a sample of Capleton's "Raggy Road", the moving "Crying Hearts", the Ska fueled "Rich In Love" - done in collaboration with Timmi Burrell - and of course "Live Everyday" on the mighty "Puff Puff" riddim. "Through A Blind Man's Eyes" deserves a special mention as it is a standout tune with a nice organ sound and great lyrics.

Drums on "Crying Hearts", "Live Everyday", "Rich With Love", "Day Off" and "Through A Blind Man's Eyes" were played by Wim "Radics" Verbruggen from the Asham Band, while all other instruments were played and programmed by Jermaine "Tmar" Millington and Marc "MacLes" Leys. Furthermore Jan Stapelmann played guitar and synth on "Billion Voices". Backing vocals were provided by Bart "Borre" Van Soom and Suzy Rombouts.