Struggle In The City
Pura Vida
Kinky Star / Munich
September 4, 2010

Struggle Track list
  1. Third World
  2. Struggle In The City
  3. Babylon Will Fall
  4. Sooncome
  5. Meditation
  6. Who Feels It Knows It
  7. Time Of Decision
  8. I Got Love
  9. Dub Inna The City
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Total votes : 23
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Finally the long awaited officially released full length album of Pura Vida has hit the streets. This Belgian band, formed around rootsman Bregt De Boever, started around 2006 with members of different bands like Jananonki, The Roots Train Rockers, Wrong 'Em Boyo en Los Skatchou Bottos. In 2008 Pura Vida won the Benelux competition of the European Reggae Contest which led to the band performing at the Rototom Sunsplash festival and Reggae Geel.

Pura Vida was again on stage at the latest edition of the Reggae Geel festival. Along with MC Saimn-I and Collieman, Pura Vida brought an appealing mix of oldskool rub-a-dub, roots and dub. The CD -- recorded and mixed at The Lost Ark Studio -- on the other hand includes a very nice mix of many other talented Belgian musicians. While listening to this CD you'll recognize influences of The Congos in a track like "Sooncome" and also Groundation in e.g. "Time Of Decision".

Bregt de Boever succeeds in mixing the tracks in a way reminiscent of Jamaican recordings from the late 70's. Drums sound like many King Tubby productions and these unique sounds give the CD this extra feel of nostalgia. The track "I Got Love" could have easily been an unreleased Lee "Scratch" Perry production from his Black Ark heydays. Only 9 tracks out of hundreds of riddims created by Bregt made it to this album, so it's obvious we can expect more niceness to come soon.

Pura Vida already collaborated with reggae veterans like The Congos and Prince Alla and hopefully more artists will be added to that list soon!