Reggae Anthology ~ Limb By Limb
Cutty Ranks
17 North Parade
2 CD
November 1, 2008

Cutty Ranks - Reggae Anthology: Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb Track list
Disc 1
  1. Intro: Live At Skateland (1986)
  2. Limb By Limb
  3. The Stopper
  4. The Slaughter
  5. The Bomber
  6. Press The Trigger
  7. Pon Mi Nozzle
  8. Dominate
  9. Rude Boy Number
  10. Fe Fi Fo Fum feat. Tiger
  11. Half Idiot feat. Marcia Grifiths
  12. Real Love feat. Beres Hammond
  13. Decide Your Mind feat. Dennis Brown
  14. Lambada feat.Wayne Wonder
  15. Grizzle (Part 1)
  16. Outta Hand
Disc 2
  1. A Who Seh Me Dun
  2. Retreat Sound Boy
  3. Grizzle (Part 2)
  4. Leave People Man
  5. Circle Me Country
  6. Russia And America (Liberty)
  7. Liberation
  8. Money Money feat. Bertie Don
  9. Love Mi Have Fi Get feat. Beres Hammond
  10. Really Together feat. Marcia Griffiths
  11. Loving You feat. Marcia Griffiths
  12. Move Up
  13. Prepare Yourself (Judgement)
  14. Warrior feat. Marcia Griffiths
  15. Gunman Lyrics
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The Cutty Ranks two-CD set "Limb By Limb" is another solid historical document in 17 North Parade/VP Records' "Reggae Anthology" series, actually a-wide ranging series of comprehensive compilations exploring the last three decades of recorded Jamaican music. Besides the music of an artist captured at his peak one is treated to a excellent booklet with unique, historical photographs, informative liner-notes by a noted reggae writer, and a comprehensive track listing.

'The Cutter' Cutty Ranks (born Philip Thomas) -- so called thanks to a previous job working in a butcher's shop -- became one of the first to pose an actual challenge to the dominance in the ragga world to Shabba Ranks. After working the mic for soundsystems such as Rebel Tone, Papa Roots and Gemini, he debuted for producer Winston Riley. He joined with Donovan Germain's Penthouse label in 1990, with a stone voice sound, much like Shabba's, running over the "gun talk and slackness" common to this era of ragga. This obsession with 'gun talk' has been subject to some criticism over the years, but he stated that growing up in the rough Rockfort district of Kingston caused him to develop a fascination for firearms. Cutty Ranks has always been an artist looking for more than the classic dancehall beats. He embraced hip hop, drum & bass, jungle and electronica as well. Although he recorded several fine albums, you should look for the albums 'The Stopper' (Fashion) and 'Lethal Weapon' (Penthouse), both of which showcase his skills decently.

The double cd starts with the classic workout across the Sleng Teng riddim, recorded live at Skateland in 1986. The amazing freestyle showcases the butcher's ability to create a slew of lyrics right on the spot. The unforgettable Limb By Limb incorporates the chorus of Peter Tosh's 'Burial'. The backing track is on the Pitch riddim. Real classic tune!

Producer Donovan Germain's Penthouse label was arguably the most dominant and trendsetting in dancehall during the first half of the 1990's. With the masterful Dave Kelly at the engineer's chair, and a mixture of both Jamaican music veterans (Marcia Griffiths and Beres Hammond) alongside the hottest new singers and deejays (Cutty Ranks and Buju Banton) Penthouse solidified its position as a hit making machine. While at Penthouse Cutty rules the dancehall. Cutty Ranks 'Lethal Weapon' album is a must have for every serious dancehall fan. No less than 8(!) tunes from that album are included here. Two enjoyable duets with Marcia Griffiths - Half Idiot and Really Together, both adaptations of Bob Andy tunes, a hilarious take on the Lambada riddim with Wayne Wonder, alongside the late great Dennis Brown in Decide Your Mind and the massive hit he scored with Beres Hammond, Love Me Have Fi Get Here Beres delivers an abbreviated set of 'Tempted To Touch' lyrics, allowing space for Cutty to deejay about his carnal cravings. The song he does with Tiger (pon the Heavenless riddim) Fe Fi Fo Fum is a serious giant-slaying combination.

Donovan Germain also released the 'back to back' album 'Die Hard Pt1', a set featuring Cutty and cultural deejay Tony Rebel. All five tunes from that album are here. Liberation, The Slaughter, The Bomber, three awesome dancehall shots, followed by the more relaxed Press The Trigger and he wraps it up with Pon Mi Nozzle on which he punches at Jamaican politics with biting social commentary.

Winston Riley's legendary Techniques label has been one of the longest lasting in the history of Jamaican music. Since the late 60's Riley's productions on his highly recognizable imprint have always been of a very high standard. He is one of only a few producers to have a number one hit on the charts every decade since the 1960's, an incredible feat for a producer who has always kept his ear to the streets and captured the latest trends on record in fine style. Cutty Ranks recorded his debut single for him in 1986, listen to Gunman Lyrics, a hypnotic tune over the backdrop of an 80's digital arrangement of 'Things And Time' and you'll understand why Cutty is regarded as one of the all-time deejay greats.

Pure rough-neck business....check it out and enjoy!