King Lion
Zamani Records
February 24, 2013

King Lion - Rashani Track list
  1. Modern Day Slaves
  2. Never Honored
  3. No Propaganda
  4. King Lion
  5. Song For The Children
  6. Another Sacrifice
  7. People Of The World Unite
  8. Visionary Men
  9. Forbidden Truth
  10. Black Jack
  11. Jah Won't Let My Enemies
  12. Pain And Suffering
  13. Ready To Bury Me
  14. Can't Hold Us Down Forever
  15. One Ah We
  16. Natty Dread A Winner
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Rashani hails from the beautiful "Isle of Spice", Grenada. He started writing reggae tunes at an early age and was heavily influenced by the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Burning Spear. In the 80s he relocated to Texas and has worked with several artists such as Half Pint and U Roy. He also has worked with artists such as James Smith from the Burning Spear Band, Ed Robinson, Ken Boothe, Tinga Stewart, Roy Shirley, and Glen Brown among many others. As performer, he played at Bob Marley's festivals, many reggae clubs throughout Texas and the New York area, as well as in France and Italy. In the mid 90s he started to release albums on his own label, Zamani Records. He released several fine albums and in 2010 he presented the well received 'Victims Of The System' album. Its follow up is called 'King Lion'.

This is what he says about his latest set : "My music is the people's music. I sing the realities that the everyday people experience, in many different aspects of life. I write and sing these songs with the hope, that it would stimulate their minds and create reasoning among one and other. I also make these songs with the hope, that those who listen to the text, would appreciate the honesty in my musical approach. It's conscious, yet you can dance to it. It's just clean conscious music that could be enjoyed by any and everyone who loves music!"

We think that no one could describe his latest album better! The 16 track set - all self penned material - boasts an amazing array of social and political themes. The first song Modern Day Slaves tells us that we are the modern day slaves, slaves of our religion, ambition, possession and position. Instead of biggin' up our own ego we should check out ourselves for the real values of life. Never Honered reminds us of the many great men that were condemned because of their (radical) thoughts and beliefs. The song People Of The World Unite might sound dreary because we've heard so many similar tunes already, but don't forget to check this tune fi sure! Forbidden Truth is a biting and cynical song about Rashani's music: "Tell me why you doh wan play my music, is it because I'm singing forbidden truth, you so-called liberals are nothing but hypocrites". More personal favourites are Natty Dread Is A Winner, Ready To Bury Me and the title track King Lion.

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