Something Radical
Zamani Records
December 18, 2011

Something Radical - Rashani Track list
  1. Revolt
  2. Something Radical
  3. Child Soldier
  4. Conscious And Awake
  5. When The Revolution Comes
  6. Gonna Be Allright
  7. Good Loving
  8. Sweet Honey Love
  9. My Love Lights
  10. Smile For Me
  11. The Conqueror
  12. Blind Eye
  13. Enough Is Enough
  14. Brothers As Brothers
  15. Dream Of Dreams
  16. Something Radical Dub
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Rashani hails from the beautiful "Isle of Spice", Grenada. He started writing reggae tunes at an early age and was heavily influenced by the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Burning Spear. In the 80s he relocated to Texas and has worked with several artists such as Half Pint and U Roy. In the mid 90s he started to release albums on his own label Zamani Records. In 2004 he unleashed the successful album 'The Realist' and last year he came up with a fine rootical release called 'Victims Of The System'. A year after that album he delivers a new set called 'Something Radical'. The 16 track album carries only self penned tuned, backed by players with real instruments.

He has described his own music as "a combination of political beliefs, spiritualism and a catchy reggae beat that creates an uplifting vibe." About success and hit tunes he says: "success for him is not the amount of money he makes, but being able to do what he loves and how well he does it, and the respect he earns from doing it. For him, it is not about making a hit song, but making good music and then being rewarded. He believes that his music will survive and stand the test if time by becoming vintage albums."

On this album we see a change in musical style on several tunes. The mood is still full of tradition, but a tune like Conscious And Awake is underpinned by a bass driven dance/house riddim. To be honest, after spinning this tune several times we really got fond of this tune. Sweet Honey Love comes with a similar beat, but definitely has less lyrical power. One of the tunes we liked from start is Child Soldier, a heartfelt song dealing with one of the most poignant problems in our world. Strong song that needs to be heard worldwide!

Next to some fine roots tunes like the opening tune Revolt, When The Revolution Comes and Something Radical Rashani treats us to lovers tunes like Smile For Me and Good Loving, the latter being a tune across a non-reggae riddim, but still worthwhile checking out. Gonna Be Allright is another above average tune, and the same goes for the anti babylon tune Conqueror.

Although not all tunes here are winners, the album is well worth checking out.