Erste Welt
Artist First - Edel
May 12, 2006

Track list
  1. Erste Welt (Intro)
  2. Militär
  3. Fascho Funk feat. Lobstarr
  4. Im Radio feat. Lobstarr
  5. Idiot feat. Cherie
  6. Baby Girl
  7. Nur Liebe
  8. Ganjatherapie
  9. Feuer
  10. Raggabund Chant
  11. Gier
  12. Ich Glaub
  13. Battyman Tunes
  14. Entzug
  15. Legalize Me
  16. Sorry Mama (incl. hidden track "Baby Girl" over 'Lava Ground')
  17. Feuer Video
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It's only justice that Raggabund have finally released their debut album "Erste Welt". Known to the reggae world at least since their contributions to "Dancehallfieber 01" where they appeared under the Caramelo Criminal moniker for "Gott Steh Mir Bei", but later on "Dancehallfieber 02", "Dancehallfieber 03" and "Dancehallfieber 04" with "Wo Denn", "Militär" and "Ganjatherapie" as Raggabund, and of course in their Caramelo Criminal-disguise, their Spanish-language project, with "Que Sera" appearing on Silly Walks' debut album "Songs Of Melody" and their excellent "Caramelo, Criminal & Silly Walks" album. As well for Don Caramelo as frontman of Les Babacools, who snatched him away from German hip hop project Blumentopf, to enhance their "Raggafunkin" mix of reggae and ragga through ska, funk, latin and hip hop even into heavy guitarrock territory. El Criminal is not only busy as Caramelo Criminal and Raggabund member, but is also active solo as singer-songwriter Paco Mendoza, and is a is member of Germany´s first reggaeton-cumbia soundsystem named ClanDestino. Raggabund besides El Criminal & Don Carmelo comprises of producers Dungee and Sasha otherwise known as Rumford Music. After the classical music ("Siege" & "Century Of War") "Erste Welt (Intro)" this Raggabund debut album is opened with the aforementioned "Militär", a strong tune on a nice riddim (because of its alarm-horn and driving bass over hi-hat percussion) very reminiscent of Seeed's "Electric-Boogie"-riddim) against the military industry and system 'keine Cent kriegen die von mir, oh man ich zahl keine Steuern für das Militär', followed by the brilliant anti fascist statement featuring Lobstarr "Fascho Funk" over Alpha Blondy's "Brigadier Sabari a.k.a. Operation Coup De Poing" and the Latin/Salsa tinged "Im Radio" over a tune by Venezuelan Los Impala bandmember Edgar Quintero a.k.a. Edgar Alexander once more featuring Lobstarr. "Idiot" over a very nice vintage-ska riddim provided by Les Babacools is a very funny sung despite its threat mannomann ich bin so ein Idiot, nimm eine Pistole und schiess mich tot with a small spoken word feature for Cherie Kedida ... The first single taken from this "Erste Welt" debut album is the beautiful love song "Baby Girl", one of several songs on this album crediting El Criminal's alter ego Paco Mendoza on guitar, certainly possessing the catchiness to become a surprise summer chartbuster and is followed by the superb "Nur Liebe" stating that children don't need all the material things to 'keep them quiet' but all they really need is love over a Cuban-son influenced sounding riddim. The next tune is the excellent "Ganjatherapie" an anti-current-US/UK-government tune with the great statement fick nicht die Welt, sondern schwänger sie / don't f#ck the world, get her pregnant and its chorus Herbalist Government come to vote! denn es stoppt Agression durch mentale Reflektion. Herbalist Government come to vote! Ich sag: Ganjatherapie, before with "Feuer" they take a great twist on reggae's 'Fire / Fireman' theme over a much darker sounding dancehall riddim and really sounding like a German Capleton ... and in the much more rootsy sounding acoustic reggae "Raggabund Chant" the lyrics remain as socially engaged, something prolonged into the round a dark & grimey sounding strings & hip hop beat sample "Gier" that is greed. "Ich Glaub" is a nice Nils Leske a.k.a. El Criminal a.k.a. Paco Mendoza rune accompanied by just his own strumming guitar and beautiful angelic backing vocals by Cherie Kedida. "Battyman Tunes" is a lyrically very strong and bold statement featuring Lobstarr with the explicit "Battyman Tunes sind Hasspropaganda" battyman tunes propagate hate, a brave and unfortunately in the reggae and dancehall extraordinary approach. "Entzug" is a tune against addiction in general and hard drugs in particular over a full band with horns riddim provided by Les Babacools, followed by the clever "Legalize Me", in which Raggabund make clear that it is inhuman to call any human being an illegal alien. The excellent jazzy ballad featuring Lobstarr playing piano and bass alongside Paco Medoza's guitar "Sorry Mama" shows once more how Lobstarr is the inofficial 5th member of Raggabund to close the album officially. But 1 minute and 11 seconds after the end of that track, the hidden track (starting at 5:11) kicks in, a reprise of "Baby Girl" over Loyal Soldiers' 'Lava Ground' is the very impressive last tune of an extremely impressive debut album. As a bonus the nice, arty "Feuer (Video)" in all black & white except for the flames of the "Feuer" is included. This is a must have album from yet another project of these extremely talented German-Latino Leske brothers.