Rain On Me
Lady Passion
Project Groundation Massive
December 14, 2009

Lady Passion - Rain On Me Track list
  1. Passions Intro
  2. Accra, Ghana
  3. No Place Like Home
  4. Teach The Children
  5. Remember The Times
  6. This Is The Way
  7. U.S.V.I.
  8. Never Change My Mind
  9. I Am Blessed
  10. Close My Eyes
  11. Chasing You
  12. Sunshine Through The Rain
  13. Rain On Me feat. Foreigna
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Total votes : 10
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Virgin Islands roots singer Lady Passion, a powerful songstress from St. Croix, first came to our attention when we were listening to the 2002 released Bambu Station compilation set "Talking Roots II" that featured her hit song "Never Change My Mind", which is also included on this "Rain On Me" set. Later on we heard her on Project Groundation's mixtapes and on the one riddim cd's "Show Love", "Rastar", "Face" and "Specialist". In 2007 appeared a 9-track Lady Passion EP with tunes like the aforementioned "Never Change My Mind", "Sunshine Through Rain" -- also included on this album -- and the excellent combination tune with Ras Attitude entitled "Royal To Me".

Produced by DJ Child of Project Groundation Massive, Lustre Kings Productions, I Grade, Zion High Productions, Bambu Station, Sound V.I. and Itation Records, Lady Passion's full length debut album is a very satisfying collection of tunes. The album kicks off with "Passions Intro", an intro we remember from previous releases, and then the listener is treated to the marvelous "Accra, Ghana". It doesn't happen that often, but the sheer beauty of this amazing, mystical tune made that we gave it several spins before we skipped to the next track. "No Place Like Home", thematically similar to "Accra, Ghana", is a wicked modern roots tune underpinned by a truly great "live" played riddim. Next comes the even stronger "Teach The Children", an extraordinary song with wonderful vibes and an awesome bassline. All in all a great way to start an album!!

But it surely doesn't end here as there are more beautifully written songs over appealing strong riddims throughout the remaining part of the cd. "Remember The Times" is such a tune, and the same goes for "This Is The Way" on the "Rastar" riddim, the awesome "Never Change My Mind", the outstanding "I Am Blessed" over the "Show Love" riddim, Close My Eyes", and the wonderful acoustic title track "Rain On Me".

Lady Passion's "Rain On Me" is a well varied album made with style and passion. Overall a very enjoyable collection that deserves to be heard by reggae fans and music lovers alike.