Raise Hell On Hellboy EP
Bounty Killer
Payday Music
Digital Release
December 22, 2009

Track list
  1. Gangstas Straight feat. Assailant
  2. Ungrateful Hellboy
  3. Mi Enemies
  4. Chatta Box
  5. Wata Tune
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
For almost two years now the dancehall world has been divided along two lines, "Gully" and "Gaza", led by Mavado and Vybz Kartel respectively. These two Jamaican dancehall stars have been regularly throwing words at each other (trading insults) on records and at stage shows. Vybz Kartel has split from his mentor Bounty Killer's side, but nevertheless he draws his musical father into the argument by taking pot shots at him while dissing Mavado. For a while Bounty Killer, being the mentor of both artists, has held his tongue and let them battle it out.

But now, in anticipation of his upcoming December 26th headlining performance at the annual hardcore Sting festival in Jamaica (which also features Vybz Kartel who spoke of plans to "kill" Bounty Killer in a lyrical clash), Bounty Killer is once again trodding the road of his Warlord ways with the release of the 5-track "Raising Hell On Hellboy" EP. History has learned that the 'Warlord' is at his very best when he's "Cross, Angry & Mi-his-erable" with only one goal in mind namely annihilation of the enemy. And indeed, Bounty Killer is in real good form on his first multi-track release in years on which he lyrically disses Vybz Kartel. Here you get hardcore dancehall -- songs hard like blue steel iron with explicit lyrics and hard-hitting rugged riddims.

Things get started in fine style with the wicked "Gangstas Straight" on the "Darker Days" riddim, done in combination with Assaillant aka The War Machine (member of the Alliance crew), but it's "Ungrateful Hellboy" and then the truly awesome "Mi Enemies" that outmatch the EP opener. Also very strong efforts are "Chatta Box" and "Wata Tune", both delivered over the same riddim. Bounty Killer's tone on these two songs is pure warfare. Actually the feud started off with "Chatta Box" which included...

"Mi a listen to yuh song dem and a pree yuh style,
seh yuh a lodge and yuh wicked and yuh evil vile,
fuck pon di school bus yuh really tell di likkle child.
Next thing two spot a blood pon har frock,
tell me which big woman mother beat har fi dat,
yuh seh yuh a fuck gal when dem parents a watch,
so tell mi if a big people speech dat..."

Vybz Kartel's counteraction "Toilet Paper Bownty" made Bounty Killer launch a second attack on Vybz Kartel called "Wata Tune" in which the Warlord states that "Bownty Killa" isn't strong enough to take out the Killer.

"A dat him come wid a wata chune,
off key dem couldn't len him little auto-tune
should i mek it sly
why yuh even start a chune
pay day
mek me show him how me slaughter goon

This EP is definitely not one for the faint-hearted, but for those who like complete unadulterated-pure-undiluted-raw-to-the-core dancehall music.