Album review
Rastafari Bible 1976-1982
Prince Hammer
Patate Records-Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. Black Tradition
  2. Flash Your Dread
  3. Good Morning Teacher
  4. Dutty Man Skank
  5. Dreadlocks Ting
  6. Legalise (Discomix)
  7. Brixton Trial And Crosses
  8. Words Of Parables
  9. Sadam Dub
  10. She No Jestar
  11. Hickey Bite
  12. Never See Come See
  13. Sabbath Day
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5

Prince Hammer was born Berris Simpson in 1953 and grew up in a rough ghetto of Kingston. The first producer who gave him a chance was Glen Brown, who recorded two singles : 'Tel Aviv Rock' and 'Sugar Down There'. His first stage appearance followed shortly in Kingston with promotor and singer Clancie Eccles. Success in Jamaica and the UK followed with the tunes 'King Of Kings' and 'Adis Ababa', but it was the song 'Ten Thousand Lions' that made hime a household name in the UK. In that period he scored with the self produced tune Dreadlocks Ting. The tune Dutty Man Skank is across the same riddim. His first album was called 'The Bible' and produced by Blacka Morwell. From this album comes the tune Flash Your Dread. He also starred in the movie 'Rockers'. During this period his friendship with Prince Far I and Adrian Sherwood resulted in the UK for 'Roots Encounter Part One', where he performed with roots singer Bim Sherman and Price Far I. The release of his second and third album followed, entitled 'Roots Me Roots' and 'Vengeance'. After a while he began to divide his time between recording and community youth work, setting up the 'Movement Of Youth Project' which encouraged young people into music. During the Brixton riots he recorded the track Brixton Trial And Crosses on the Josiah label which went to number two in the Black Echoes chart. The tunes on the album were all recorded during the period 1976-1982. Prince Hammer's militant deejay style is evident on all tracks here. As a producer he worked with Rod Taylor and Jennifer Lara. Included here is Rod Taylor's awesome roots tune Words Of Parables, followed by the dub version Sadam Dub. The track She No Jestar is a previously unreleased song. The album closes with two strong productions by Dr. Alimentado. First comes Never See Come See, followed by Sabbath Day.
Although Prince Hammer is comparatively unknown, his outings gathered here are a prime example of the militant deejay style of the seventies.

Teacher & Mr. T.