Prince Of Fyah Vol. 1
Ras Myrhdak
Minor7Flat5-Groove Attack
CD & limited edition LP
April 20, 2007

Track list
  1. Gunshots Falling
  2. Pre Dem
  3. Never You Forget
  4. Only For A Time
  5. Swept Away
  6. Global Warning
  7. Trod It Alone
  8. Prince Of Fyah
  9. Praise Thee
  10. Mankind
  11. Jahneasha
  12. He Creates The World
  13. Jah Is The Way
  14. Too Much Guns Around
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In autumn 2006 Ras Myrhdak's tune "Blazer" dominated the Jamaican charts for several weeks. Although Ras Myhrdak is already well known in Jamaica, even toured the US and was mentored by Capleton there still was no full album yet. To change that, he and Gran Canaria, Spain based German reggae producer Andreas 'Brotherman' Christophersen decided to work with each other so Brotherman's label Minor7Flat5 now proudly presents Ras Myhrdak's debut album "Prince Of Fyah Vol. 1".

Stephon Moulton more popularly known as Ras Myrhdak was born on March 3, 1977. He grew up in the Linton Park in Brown's Town, St. Ann; a parish known for reggae greats like Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Barrington Levy. Myrhdak's interest in music started at the tender age of eight when he began singing bass in his mother's choir at the local Church of God. As he grew older his love for music was even greater than before and while attending Brown's Town Comprehensive High School, he started to establish himself as a singjay. In 1997 Ras Myrhdak moved to Kingston and linked with producer Phillip Thomas a.k.a Cutty Ranks to produce the singles, "Hot Bwoy" and "Gal A Say Myrhdak" on the Shark label distributed by Greensleeves. With the successes of these singles he later linked up with Annetta Brewster-Aitken, his manager. During that time, he worked with well-known producers such as King Jammys, Bobby Digital, Kings of Kings and Gemtar Production. Among his many releases are songs such as "Camille" and "All I Do", but he failed to generate that first big hit.

After Ras Myrhdak in 2006 conquered the charts with his production of Capleton's "Forty Sup'emmh" and his own "Blazer" which were released on his own label Blaque Warriahz Muzic, he linked up with Brotherman - who has become a pet producer of mine with albums with great riddims by essentially the Firehouse Crew, George 'Dusty' Miller, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace, Danny Bassie, Paul 'Wrongmove' Crossdale, Lloyd 'Obeah' Denton, Dean Frazer, Nambo Robinson, Dwight Richards, Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson and others, artist(s) albums like Luciano's "Tell It >From The Heart", Al Pancho's "Righteous Men", and Lutan Fyah's "Dem No Know Demself" and last year Anthony B's "My Hope", "Rasta Still De' Bout" by Josie Mel, Tony Tuff's "Say Something" and Turbulence's "Do Good" as well as the album "The Good, The Bad & The Blazing" featuring Junior Kelly, Bounty Killer & Capleton.

Ras Myrhdak, a protégé of Capleton, is also known as Ras Murdoch, Ras Murdak, and recently also dubbed to Prince Shango, opens this album with the strong "Gunshots Falling" before his "Pre Dem" take on the 'Wadada'-riddim shows how much Ras Myrhdak's delivery has improved over the last year, great melodic singjaying over this beautiful backing and the wonderful dubby backing and strong delivery of "Never You Forget" maintain that feel. "Only For A Time" is Ras Myrhdak's fine at a slower pace delivered take across Brotherman's 'Upside Down'-riddim, followed by the extremely sweet lovers tune "Swept Away" and the very impressive "Global Warning".

"Trod It Alone" is more sung than singjayed, Ras Myrhdak going fully falsetto style here and then Brotherman's latest riddim, the very nice 'Bodo' - soon to be released as Minor7Flat5's first one riddim album featuring Cocoa Tea, Capleton, Horace Andy, Smokie Benz & Tony Tuff's "Fulfillment Time", Sizzla, Jayne Dough, K-oss, Josie Mel & Lutan Fyah, Ricky Ticky, Anthony Red Roze, Beenie Man and Al Pancho - backs the fierce and fiery "Prince Of Fyah" and one of Brotherman's true classic riddims 'Campo' is used for the wonderful "Praise Thee". "Mankind" didn't impress me that much when it was originally released entitled "Change" over 'Ivan', but I must admit the tune has grown on me, although I still consider this one of the weaker tunes on this album.

"Jahneasha" is a superb lovers tune, over Brotherman's beautiful smooth rocking 'Harp'-riddim, followed by the upful tune of praise "He Creates The World" and a great take on the 'Tower'-riddim "Jah Is The Way". The album is closed with "Too Much Guns Around" bringing its message across over an almost restraint riddim very effectively and Ras Myrhdak and Brotherman have hopefully intentionally named this album "Prince Of Fyah Vol. 1" as this combination surely teamed up for an extremely impressive debut album and they would be satisfying a need (even if only it were mince) if they returned together for a second volume.